Internet Technologies

CIS 3000 - Fall 2013


Instructor: Brian Campbell

Office: Off Campus

Office Hours: By Appointment

Phone: (229)944-0086


Website: GSW GeorgiaView


Course Purpose/Objectives:

As a student in this course, you will learn the essential concepts of HTML. You will begin with developing a basic Web page and move on to developing a basic Web site. You will also cover working with page design, working with tables, and working with frames. Next, you will cover creating Web page forms, working with Cascading Style Sheets, and using multimedia on the Web. Create dynamic Web pages using the popular Web scripting language, JavaScript. A popular scripting language that is widely supported in Web browsers and other Web tools, JavaScript adds interactive functions to HTML pages. ASP.NET will also be discussed. Provides a comprehensive introduction to the tools and skills required for both client- and server-side programming, teaching students how to develop platform-independent sites using current Web development technology. Essential programming exercises are presented using a manageable progression. Other concepts relating to client-side and server-side programming, including ASP.NET using C#, JavaScript, Ajax, JSP, XHTML, XML, Ruby, Rails, Flash and PHP are also introduced.





Required Text: Robert W. Sebesta, Programming the World Wide Web 7th Edition, Addison Wesley Higher Education, 2012. ISBN 0132665816


System Requirements: An Internet connection, a text editor and a Web browser that supports HTML 4.0 and XHTML 1.1 (for example, version 6.0 or higher of either Netscape or Internet Explorer).


Recommended Storage Devices:
USB Portable Storage Device (Minimum of 128mb memory)

Teaching Methods:

1.       Assignments: Review Questions, Chapter Exercises, and other projects will be periodically assigned to reinforce material in the text. These assignments may require the application of various software packages.

2.       Quizzes: Quizzes will be given to help ensure students stay up with assigned material.

3.       Exams: Three exams will be given. The exams will be open book/notes.

4.       Project: A project topic will be announced at the beginning of the semester and will be due at the end of the semester.

5.       Internet: All material will be distributed on the Internet. Class notes, instructional material, and student assignments will be posted on GSW GeorgiaView.




Letter grades will be determined using a standard percentage point evaluation as outlined below. Grades may be curved after the total semester points have been tabulated. However, do not count on a curve to obtain your desired grade.

A 90%-100%

B 80%-89%

C 70%-79%

D 60%-69%

F Below 60%


Total points will be computed as follows. The total points for quizzes, cases, and assignments may vary.

Exam #1: 150

Exam #2: 150

Exam #3: 150

Project: 150

Assignments #1: 100

Assignments #2: 100

Assignments #3: 100

Quiz #1: 33

Quiz #2: 33

Quiz #3: 34

Total: 1000 Points


Percent Breakdown of Grade:

  • Exams = 60%
  • Assignments = 30%
  • Quizzes = 10%



Course Policies:

This course will be conducted online by using GSW GeorgiaView software course management. Read the instructions about Getting Access to GSW Georgia View. Students are expected to login into the course five times a week (Monday through Friday) to check email, bulletins, and take quizzes. Activity will be monitored weekly.


Assignments: All assignments are due on the date due listed in the calendar. Late submission of assignments will be assessed a penalty of 10% per day. No exceptions are made. Assignments should be submitted via GSW GeorgiaView. Any assignment that is not turned in will receive a grade of zero. A zero on any assignment can dramatically affect the overall grade. All assignments should be labeled with name and assignment number. It is helpful to read tutorials and assignments before attempting them, this will allow more efficient use of your time.


Academic Dishonesty: Students at Georgia Southwestern State University are expected to conform to high standards of intellectual and academic integrity. Each Student at Georgia Southwestern State University is preparing for a job in a very competitive job market and is paying for this education. Obviously, everyone wishes to get their money's worth, however, if a student decides to cheat himself by cheating on a quiz, lab assignment, or exam, the following procedure will be followed:
On the first instance, the student will be referred to the Dean of School of Computer and Information Science for immediate action. The student may receive a zero on the assignment or exam, "F" in the course, and/or be expelled from the University.
NOTE: Coping information from another student's disk, without permission of the instructor, is considered cheating and is punishable by the above procedure.


Need for Assistance: If you have any condition, such as a physical or learning disability, which will make it difficult for you to carry out the work as I have outlined it, or which will require academic accommodations, please notify me as soon as possible.


Posting of Grades: Final grades will be posted for each student via GSW GeorgiaView.


Tentative course outline:

          Level I

o    Internet Fundamentals

o    Introduction to XHTML

o    Cascading Style Sheets

o    Introduction to JavaScript

          Level II

o    JavaScript & HTML

o    Dynamic Documents with JavaScript

o    Introduction to XML

o    Introduction to ASP.NET

          Level III

o    Brief Introduction to AJAX

o    Brief Introduction to Ruby

o    Brief Introduction to Rails

o    Brief Introduction to Flash

o    Brief Introduction to PHP

o    Data Access through the Web