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Anyone who wishes to volunteer is encouraged to review volunteer service opportunities on Canes Connect to get involved and make a positive difference in the community. Please contact or LaToya Stackhouse at 229-931-2442 for more information. Volunteer Services requires you to fill out a generalized application for database purposes, but some volunteer opportunities require the additional completion of an in-depth personal application and undergo a criminal background check. Please contact for applications.  


Volunteer Opportunities Available

Hands of Hope Pregnancy & Resources Center
Contact Information

111 Habitat St. Building C
Americus, GA 31709


Description of Organization The Hands of Hope Pregnancy & Resources Center is a non-profit organization that offers free self-administered pregnancy tests, as well as accurate information and counseling on abortion alternatives and prenatal health for expectant mothers. They also provide maternity clothes, baby clothes, and other baby items.
Requirements Volunteers need to be committed, dedicated, consistent, and dependable. Set dates and times will be based on volunteer’s schedule and the Hands of Hope’s time constraints. Call for more details on the description of the volunteer work.
Time Constraints

(Mon) 12:00 PM - 5:00 PM
(Wed) 12:00 PM - 4:00 AM

Contact Information  Lake Blackshear Regional Library
307 E. Lamar St
Americus, GA 31709

Diya Felton -


Description of Organization  Americus Literary Action, Inc. (ALAI) is associated with the Lake Blackshear Regional Library. It is a non-profit organization funded by support from the citizens of Sumter County and surrounding areas. ALAI’s purpose is to recruit and staff volunteers to work with adult individuals (16 years of age and older) desirous of learning to read or improve their current reading skills. 
Description of Volunteer Work These volunteers work with their students, 16 years of age or older, in weekly tutoring sessions normally held at the Lake Blackshear Regional Library. The individual needs to be a committed volunteer. Volunteers have a set time that will be determined by volunteer’s schedule.
Requirements Background check (administered by ALAI), Personal Application
Time Constraints (Mon-Thurs) 9:00 AM -1:30 PM
Contact Information Public Safety Center
800 GSW State University Dr
Americus, GA 31709

Stephanie Bennet - Stephanie@Sowegachildren.Org" data-mce-href="mailto: Stephanie@Sowegachildren.Org">Stephanie@Sowegachildren.Org

Description of Organization The CASA program is central to fulfilling society’s most fundamental obligation by making sure a qualified, compassionate adult will fight for and protect a child’s right to be safe, to be treated with dignity and respect, and to learn and grow in the safe embrace of a loving family. The lives and well being of children are hanging in the balance. Every child who cannot live safely at home should have a CASA volunteer who will help ensure their safe passage out of foster care, to the benefit of their children, and generations to come.
Description of Volunteer Work

Appointed to a child’s case to:

  • Conduct an independent fact-gathering mission to provide the court enough information to make a sound decision about the child’s future.
  • Seek cooperative solutions with DFCS, parents, relatives, and others in order to serve the child’s best interest and to determine available resources which might meet the child’s needs.
  • Make independent recommendations to judge in the child’s best interest.
  • Pursue a safe, permanent placement for the child.
  • Maintain strict confidentiality with all information related to the child or family.
  • Communicate regularly with CASA staff about the case and advocacy steps being taken.
  • Provide written reports of findings and recommendations to CASA staff prior to court proceedings.
  • Attend court proceedings to represent the child’s best interest.
  • Requirements
  • Sincere care for children
  • At least 21 years of age
  • Undergo and pass criminal/records background check (administered by CASA)
  • Interview with CASA staff person
  • Complete 40 hours of initial training
  • Commit to CASA program for at least 1 year
  • Attend 12 hours in-service training yearly
  • Personal application
  • Time Constraints Flexible
    Contact Information 200 Cotton Avenue
    Americus, GA 31709

    (229) 924-9443

    Description of Organization

    The Sumter County Mentor Partnership is committed to a community wide mentoring partnership to provide positive school-based learning relationships between responsible adult volunteers and youth. The partnership is supported by many community organizations, including Sumter County School system, Sumter Area Ministerial Association, Americus/ Sumter Chamber of Commerce, Visions for Sumter, The United Methodist Home, and Communities in Schools of Sumter County.

    The partnership is governed by Learning for Everyone… Avenue to Progress (LEAP) and Communities in Schools. LEAP is a non-profit organization with a mission to improve literacy levels in the community and to promote a better quality of life for all Sumter County Citizens. The LEAP/CIS executive director runs the Sumter County Mentor Partnership.

    Description of Volunteer Work The Sumter County Mentor Partnership wants volunteers who would like to become mentors to Elementary, Middle, or High School students. The mentor’s role is to be a companion, a role model, a teacher, a resource, a motivator, and a friend. The individual needs to be a committed volunteer.
    Requirements Background check (administered by LEAP), at least 18 years old, training, Personal Application
    Time Constraints Dependent on location
    Contact Information

    Herschel Smith Health Center
    800 GSW State University drive
    Americus, GA 31709

    Deborah Banse -

    (229) 931-2268

    Description of Organization Family Violence Council, Inc.- Southwestern Judicial Circuit’s purpose is to provide personal and legal advocacy, assistance in filing temporary protective orders, and Victim’s Compensation claims, and referrals for mental health, temporary shelter, and other resources.
    Description of Volunteer Work

    The volunteers will be responsible to the Executive Director/ Attorney Advocate, and will be required to submit to a background check before beginning their work for FVC. Volunteer work will include administrative work at the FVC office located in the Herschel Smith Health Center on campus, as follows:

  • Answer phones and direct calls made to Family Violence Council;
  • Assist in preparation of promotional materials including power point presentations;
  • Research data on domestic violence statistics for use in such presentations;
  • Contact various civic organizations to schedule speaking engagements;
  • Assist in technical support at various speaking engagements;
  • Greet visitors and callers;
  • Assist in designing data collection system and set up and maintain case files/records;
  • Assist in preparing and presenting domestic violence class for victims.
  • Volunteers will also be trained to be legal advocates to prepare legal pleadings, attend court appearances, and advocate in court for victims of domestic violence, as follows:

  • Prepare pleadings for court, attend court hearings, and assist in presenting the witnesses and the arguments to the judge.
  • Deliver documents to Superior Court and assist Director at Superior Court hearings.
  • Contact clients to remind them of appointments for hearings, and to support and check on them, as directed by the Director.
  • Requirements

    Background check, Meet and train with Director, Personal Application

    Time Constraints

    (Monday- Friday) 10:00 AM- 4:00 PM
    (Friday) 4:00 PM- 6:00 PM *Females Only*

    Contact Information  
    Description of Organization

    Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit, ecumenical Christian ministry founded on the conviction that every man, woman, and child should have a decent, safe and affordable place to live. We build with people in need regardless of race or religion. We welcome volunteers and supporters from all backgrounds.

    Description of Volunteer Work Volunteers are needed for office work (i.e. Filling, mailings, and misc. office duties), ReStore work (i.e. sales floor rep, furniture mover, and donation refurbishments) and Construction (i.e. Building and deconstruction). Building dates will be determined at the meetings. 
    Requirements Liability Waiver, Personal Application
    Time Constraints Meetings every other Friday
    Contact Information 100 Mill Creek Rd
    PO Box 1967
    Americus, GA 31709

    Lynzie McKenzie -

    (229) 924-4616

    Description of Organization Methodist Home for Children and Youth’s purpose is to provide a safe, caring environment for emotionally and behaviorally disturbed children. In response to Christ and the Church, the mission of the Methodist home is to be a model agency that restores childhoods, strengthens families, and cultivates a people-building organization.
    Description of Volunteer Work  We ask that volunteers be FEMALE (unless willing to do yard work around the cottage); individuals must be 21 years old unless volunteering with a group; able to commit to 3 or more sessions with the girls; dependable; able to provide adequate notice if unable to make appointed session; easy-going; good sense of humor; professional yet flexible; particularly interested in those willing to: tutor (Spanish, math, and science are  especially needed), lead arts and crafts projects, lead exercise programs,  teach independent living skills (budgeting, resumes, interview skills, what to know about college, table manners, etc), no criminal background, personable and friendly. Volunteers need to know what the will be doing before coming to the site

    Meeting with Lynzie McKenzie and background check

    Time Constraints

    (Tues., Thurs., Fri.) 5:00 PM- 8:00 PM
    ( Sat.) Early afternoon or evening

    Contact Information 1540 E. Forsyth St
    Americus, GA 31709

    Arthur Young -

    (229) 931-9771

    Description of Organization Ombudsman program provides an alternative middle and high school program for students who learn better in a non-traditional classroom setting and want an alternative route to high school graduation.
    Description of Volunteer Work  To serve as a tutor, mentor, or maybe as a motivational speaker. Volunteer needs to be committed and dependable. Volunteer will have set times and days to meet with students; they will be made by volunteer’s schedule and Ombudsman’s schedule.
    Requirements Background check, Unofficial transcript  (tutors), Training with Kim Fuller (mentors), Personal Application (mentors)
    Time Constraints (Mon.-Fri.) 7:00 AM- 10:00 AM, 10:00 AM-1:00 PM, 2:00 PM- 5:00 PM
    Contact Information 200 Industrial Blvd
    Americus, GA 31709

    (229) 931-9771

    Description of Organization Ombudsman program provides an alternative middle an high school program for students who learn better in a non-traditional classroom setting and want an alternative route to high school graduation.
    Description of Volunteer Work To serve as a tutor, mentor, or maybe as a motivational speaker. Volunteer needs to be committed and dependable. Volunteer will have set times and days to meet with students; they will be made by volunteer’s schedule and Ombudsman’s schedule.
    Requirements Background check, Unofficial transcript  (tutors), Training with Kim Fuller (mentors), Personal Application (mentors)
    Time Constraints

    (Mon.-Fri.) 8:00 AM- 4:00 PM

    Contact Information 800 GSW State University Dr
    Americus, GA 31709

    (229) 931-2077

    Description of Organization The purpose of the Rosalynn Carter Institute for Caregiving is to establish local, state, and national partnerships committed to building quality long-term, home, and community services. A local initiative that provides caregivers support that promotes health, skills, and resilience.
    Description of Volunteer Work Caregiver Support Coach- The Caregiver Support Center provides support, information, and education. We offer caregivers the tools they need to provide quality care for the people they support and for themselves. This position will require you to have interaction with caregivers in patient’s rooms as well as in our office or over the phone. There will be set times and days that volunteers should come in. Please look at time constraints to see if it matches your schedule. (The set times and days will be according to your schedule and the orientations). Please be consistent and dependable.
  • Meeting at hospital
  • Confidentiality agreement
  • Meet with director
  • Resume
  • Time Constraints Caregiver Support Center: (Mon.-Fri.) 2:00 PM- 7:00 PM
    Contact Information

    Agriculture Building
    127 William Bowen Pointe
    Americus, GA 31709


    (229) 924-4476

    Description of Organization Sumter County 4-H, a partner in public education, is youth and adults learning, growing, and working together to experience and accomplish the extraordinary. Through both in-school and after-school programming, 4-H is a catalyst for positive change. The local organization provides opportunities for youth to develop leadership skills through clubs categorized by grade levels, special interest clubs, and camps, programs, and events.
    Description of Volunteer Work Sumter County 4-H, a chartered club of Georgia 4-H, is a non-profit organization which provides fun, educational hands-on activities to youth ages 9-19 in the community. Serving more than 800 youth, Sumter County 4-H provides in-school programming for fifth and sixth graders; opportunities for youth to travel across the state for camps, competitions, and weekend events; after-school programming including competitions, teams, and special events; and a wide variety of experiences that encourage youth to become healthy, productive, responsible, compassionate, and loyal citizens who strive to reach their full potential. Sumter County 4-H needs volunteers like you to help from marketing, to fundraising, to coordinating special events, to serving as a mentor, the opportunities are endless. The commitment time varies as we try to match our volunteer skill-set wit Sumter County 4-H’s needs.
    Requirements Varies depending on the volunteer position.
    Time Constraints Varies
    Contact Information

    108 Industrial Blvd
    Americus, GA 31719

    Ruth Olson -

    (229) 924-0268

    Description of Organization Sumter Humane Society is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors, Day-to-day operations are run by the Operations Manager who supervises all paid staff, volunteers, inmate labor, and community service workers. Instructions and job duties are only assigned by the Volunteer Coordinator or the Operations Manager.
    Description of Volunteer Work The volunteers’ main goal is to enhance the stay of adoptable animals. Shelter staff, inmate labor, and community service workers are responsible for making sure the animals have food, water, and a clean environment. Volunteer opportunities include exercising, socializing, grooming, bathing, giving tours, and working with our puppies and kittens. Volunteers also directly impact animals adoptability by assisting with public relations, contribution of posters, flyers, handouts, and spreading the word through the use of social media.
  • Must be accompanied by adult if under 18
  • Training with Ms. Olson (voluntary)
  • Time Constraints
  • Sun.-Sat. 8:00 AM- 12:00 PM (cleaning)
  • Mon., Tues., Thurs., & Fri. 12:00 PM- 5:00 PM (walking, socializing, and bathing)
  • Wed.- 12:00 PM- 3:00 PM (walking, socializing, and bathing)
  • Saturday: 12:00 PM- 4:00 PM (walking, socializing, and bathing)
  • Contact Information 127 William Bowen Pointe
    Americus, GA 31709

    Frank Yancy

    (229) 924-4056 ext. 3

    Description of Organization           The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) is an agancy of the US Department of Agriculture that helps farmers and other landowners to improve water quality, reduce water erosion, enhance wildlife habitat, and promote good land use. 
    Description of Volunteer Work In volunteering to help the NRCS protect natural resources you will be personally involved in conservation activities at the grass roots level. The Earth Team offers outstanding opportunities for students who need professional work experience or academic credit. Many opportunities exist including: conducting conservation inventories, taking photos of conservation practices, preparing or staffing exhibits for special events, learning computer and office skills through on-the-job training, marking fields on soil maps, assisting with the development of conservation plans, learning to survey or use a GPS, writing new articles, conducting a conservation or gardening project with a school club or youth group... The possibilities are endless. Volunteer opportunities may also be available in your home county. 
    Requirements Varies depending on volunteer position.  Some positions may require a background check
    Time Constraints Varies, Office Hours Monday - Friday (8AM-5PM)
    Contact Information 409 Elm Ave Suite E
    Americus, GA 31709

    (229) 928-0399

    Description of Organization Visions for Sumter: Seeing Through Your Eyes, Inc. is a non-profit organization that offers programs designed to improve the lives of children and families in Sumter County. Visions currently has three specific programs: Family connections, Mitzi Bacon, program director; Truancy Prevention Program, Stephen Woodson, Truancy officer; and Visions Educare Learning Center, Mrs. Eloise Tyson, Director. Visions also serves the Sumter County Prevent Child Abuse agency.
    Description of Volunteer Work

    Primary opportunity for volunteer services:

  • Readers & Helpers at Educare Center- Volunteers will have set times and days; those times and days will be determined by volunteer’s schedule and Educare Learning Center’s schedule (see below for time constraints).
  • Volunteers needed: Physical Education majors, Nursing majors, Early Childhood Education majors, and Anyone with a love of children.
  • Office/ Clerical work at the Family Connection program; Data collection & Analysis.
  • Office/ clerical work at the Educare Learning Center
  • General maintenance (ex: gardening, building maintenance, etc.)
  • April is Prevent Child Abuse month, volunteers can do several things.
  • Educare Center: Background check, application
  • Clerical Work: Short interview with Ms. Mitzi Bacon
  • Time Constraints
  • Educare Learning Center
  • Mon. - Fri. 7:00AM - 11:00AM, 1:00PM - 6:00PM

  • Family Connections
  • Flexible, Contact Mitzi Bacon for times
    Name of Group/Organization Type of Service/Volunteerism Contact Information Hours of Operation
    Koinonia Farms Religious Affiliated Service & Mission Work


    Phone: (229) 924-0391

    Monday-Friday: 9-5
    The Fuller Center for Housing Home & Shelter Construction/Rebuilding


    Phone: (229) 924-2900

    Monday-Friday: 8-5
    Habitat for Humanity International Home & Shelter Construction/Rebuilding/Retail Operations Phone: 229-931-9899 Monday-Friday: 8-5
    American Red Cross Blood Drives/Storm Relief

    SW GA Main Office: (706)323-5614

    Albany Office: (229) 436-4845

    The Salvation Army Retail Operations, Food Packaging, Meal Delivery Phone: 229-924-5154 N/A
    Plains Food Distribution Food Packaging

    Mashuq Axkerzada: 229-815-5246

    Harvest of Hope Food Packaging/Food Pantry Phone: 229-873-2090 N/A
    Canes Harvest Food Pantry


    Phone: 229-931-2706

    Monday-Friday: 8-5
    United Way of Southwest GA Education/Health/Basic Needs for Vulnerable Populations Phone: 229-883-6700 N/A
    Feeding the Valley Food Bank Food Packaging/Delivery

    Shelby Williams

    Volunteer Coordinator


    Phone: 706-561-4755, Ext. 104

    SOWEGA Rising Civil Rights/Social Justice Email: N/A
    Callaway Gardens Horticulture/Nature & Grounds Work


    Phone: 706-663-5153

    C.A.S.A (Court Appointed Special Advocate) Assistance with Abused & Neglected Children


    Phone: 229-931-4488

    Albany YMCA Youth Development & Skills Phone: 229-436-0531 N/A
    Sumter Faith Clinic Medical Ministry


    Phone: 229-815-1443

    Boys & Girls Club of Albany Youth Development & Skills Phone: 229-439-0196 N/A


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