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Institutional Measures of Student Achievement

As part of encouraging the intellectual, personal, and social growth of all its students, Georgia Southwestern State University (GSW) tracks a variety of measures of Student Achievement including enrollment, retention, progression, graduation, and degrees conferred. GSW's current plan for continuously improving student achievement in these areas was composed in 2012 as part of Complete College Georgia (CCG). Institutional Targets for improvement of retention, progression, and graduation rates can be found in GSW's 2012 CCG Annual Report and subsequent CCG reports available at Complete College Georgia Link below. Reports on to student attainment in General Education may also be found below:

Retention and Graduation Targets and Actual 2011-14

Retention Rates 2011 Target 2011 Actual 2012 Target 2012 Actual 2013 Target 2013 Actual 2014 Target
2014 Actual
2015 Target
2015 Actual
GSW Specific  68%  62.62%  71%  64.97%  74%  69.8% 77% 73.8% 75%  69.52%
USG State University Average    71.6%    70.6%    72.9%   73.6%    72.28%


Graduation Rates 2007 Cohort Target 2007 Cohort Actual 2008 Cohort Target 2008 Cohort Actual 2009 Cohort Target
2009 Cohort Actual
2010 Cohort Target
2010 Cohort Actual
GSW Specific  36%  35.82%  39%  32.06%  31%  33.3%  34% 32.13%
USG State University Average    40.16%    38.9%    37.4%   36.92%



Total Enrollment

New Student Enrollment

Enrollment of First Generation Students, Pell Grant Recipients, and Non-Traditional Students

Enrollment by Undergraduate Major

Enrollment by Graduate Major


University System of Georgia (USG) Retention Rate

GSW Retention Disaggregated Demographically

GSW Retention by Major


USG Progression Report 2010 Cohort

USG Progression Report 2011 Cohort

USG Progression Report 2012 Cohort

USG Progression Report 2013 Cohort

USG Progression Report 2014 Cohort


USG Graduation Rates

GSW Graduation Rates Disaggregated Demographically

GSW Undergraduate Degree Completion

GSW Graduate Degree Completion

Graduation Surveys: Semi-Annual surveys have been administered to graduates of GSW since May 2013.

GSW Graduation Survey May 2013

GSW Graduation Survey December 2013

GSW Graduation Survey May 2014

GSW First Destination Survey December 2014

GSW First Destination Survey May 2015

GSW First Destination Survey December 2015

GSW First Destination Survey May 2016

GSW First Destination Survey December 2016

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Complete College Georgia

GSW Fact Book

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Academic Program Measures of Student Achievement

Student Achievement in General Education

GSW General Education Attainment Plan 2015-18

GSW General Education Attainment Report 2012

GSW General Education Attainment Report 2013

GSW General Education Attainment Report 2014

GSW General Education Comprehensive Program Review 2014-15

GSW General Education Attainment Report 2016


Georgia Assessments for Certification of Educators (GACE) Pass Rates


 Academic Year Completed (N of completing) Percent Passing
 2010-11 (126)  88%
 2011-12 (114)  91%
 2012-13 (89)  92%

After 2012-13, the Georgia Professional Standards Commission transitioned to a two-tier pass rate for the GACE Content Tests. One tier is passing at the induction level and the other tier is passing at the professional level.

 Academic Year Completed (N of completing) Percent Passing at Induction Level Percent Passing at Professional Level Overall Percent Passing
 2013-14 (184)  30%  66%  96%
 2014-15 (174)  36%  54.5%  90.5%


National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN) Pass Rates for First-Time Takers


 Calendar Year of First Attempt  Percent Passed on First Attempt
 2012  97%
 2013  78.95%
 2014  86.36%
 2015  88.6%
 2016  87.76%

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