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Academic Progress

Students must continue to make significant academic progress towards their degree while maintaining a high standard of academic accomplishment.

  • Complete at least 30 semester hours each year 
  • Maintain a minimum 3.2 GPA.
  • Enroll in a minimum of 15 semester hours per Fall and Spring term unless otherwise approved

Course Requirements

In addition to making sufficient academic progress, a student must enrich their curriculum in the following ways

  • Complete enriched courses across the curriculum. These enrichments can take many forms, but often involve close work with the faculty on a project that allows for deeper exploration of topics within the course.
    • 1 in the Humanities-(English or Fine Arts)
    • 1 in the Social Sciences-(History, Political Science, Economics, Sociology, Psychology,Anthropology)
    • 1 in Math/Science-(Algebra, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Physics)
    • And 2 courses in their major
  • Take at least four one-hour honors seminars during their time at Georgia Southwestern State University; at least two per year will be offered. These seminars are offered by the Honors Faculty on a variety of topics of interest to faculty and student.

List of recent HONS 2000 courses

Honors students are required to take four HONS 2000 (Honors Seminar) courses during their time at Georgia Southwestern. Two to four courses are offered each year and include a range of topics within the faculty’s expertise and interests. These courses are restricted to Honors students and have limited class sizes. The following is a sample list of honors seminars offered:

  • Science and Science Fiction
  • Ecology and History of The Okefenokee
  • Information Literacy
  • The Sex Industry in The United States
  • International Cultural Studies
  • Democratization
  • The Chemistry of Color
  • Electronic Portfolio
  • Introduction To Global Issues
  • The Vampire in Film and Literature
  • Information Literacy For Life Long Learning
  • A Cultural Awareness Project
  • Social Issues in South Park
  • Literature of The Pacific Rim
  • Information in A Web 2.0 World
  • The Philosophy of Science
  • Ancient and Modern Mythology
  • The Philosophy of Batman
  • Chess and Its Intellectual Demands
  • How to Publish Your Fiction

Residence Requirement

The University Honors Program is committed to making the campus life at GSW a rich and vibrant experience where interesting people from diverse backgrounds live and study together. Research has shown that undergraduates who live on campus have a more memorable and successful overall collegiate experience. Honors students are therefore required to live in the residence halls for at least their first two years at GSW. If an honors student lives in Sumter or a contiguous county, one may live at home, provided a signed statement from a parent or guardian confirms so; and receive half of the honors stipend. Honors Students in their junior or senior years may choose to live off campus and receive only half the honors program stipend.

Service Learning

Students must participate in one service learning activity per semester. These service learning projects are open to students’ interests and are subject to approval by the Honors Program Director.

Cultural Enrichment

Students must participate in a campus or GSW-affiliated program each semester that has some link to a cultural event. These programs can include such activities as plays, concerts, exhibits, guest lectures, but cannot be a requirement for a course one is taking in a given semester. A one page reflection should be turned in to the Director within a week of the cultural event.

Each honors student will make a formal poster or paper presentation at an academic conference by the time of graduation. The student should use scholarly work done in a course, preferably an enriched course in one’s major program, and should consult with that instructor. The student’s expenses will be paid and this experience will provide a great opportunity for networking with other scholars and preparation for professional experiences. Each spring term, GSW hosts an undergraduate research symposium, which offers a convenient opportunity for this project which is in lieu of an undergraduate thesis requirement. This presentation also counts as the honors student’s Cultural and Service Enrichment for the term.

Admission to the Program other than as an enrolling Freshman

Students may seek admittance to the program when one has completed between 45-60 hours of course work (usually the second semester of one’s sophomore year). A student must have at minimum of 3.30 GPA in academic courses, and show an ability to maintain a rigorous academic schedule of 15 credit hours per semester in demanding courses. Applicants must write to the Honors Director a formal letter explaining why one desires to be a part of the honors program, and also have two letters of recommendation from GSW professors who have taught the applicant.

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