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LTCM 4001

An integral component of LTCM 4001 course (9 academic credit hours) is the 150 hour internship experience. This internship is designed to be a capstone experience and taken toward the end of completion of the Long-Term Care Management Degree.

The student is ultimately responsible for finding the location and agency where you will do your internship. Once your academic advisor has approved your site selection, you must bring the completed clinical initiation form to the clinical service manager (CSM) by the deadlines posted on the checklist in the internship guide. The CSM will determine the credentialing requirements (ex. Drug test, CPR certification, immunizations, etc.) of your chosen agency. All students must purchase liability insurance. See the checklist below in the Internship Guide.


Internship Guide

(printable copy)

This guide has been prepared to assist students, faculty, administration and partnering agencies in understanding the purpose of the internship, the associated learning objectives, and facilitating student learning and successful outcomes in this experience.


To encourage student growth by applying classroom theory to the “real world” setting in the field. Specifically, students will gain knowledge of the duties, the responsibilities, and the nature of a career in a long term care setting.


  • Examine the influence of cultural issues related to long term community and residential living.
  • Discuss services management from both an institutionalized and a community based perspective.
  • Analyze how the principles of long term care are integrated and supported within the environment of both institutionalized and community based settings.
  • Apply knowledge of long term care principles within the assigned internship setting.


The success of the internship depends greatly upon the student’s realization of responsibilities. The student’s activities should reflect the policies and standards of both the agency and the University. During the internship, the student becomes a functional part of the agency completing 150 hours over the course of the semester.


Students in the internship experience must carry liability insurance. The semester prior to the internship, students should access the insurance site at, then click on "Get A Quote" then "individual", then click on "student". You will then enter your state of residence, then type in the Field of Study as "Geriatric Care Manager", type in anticipated date of graduation, then continue.  Complete fields as required for student information. Students need to be prepared to pay with a debit or credit card that has their name on the card and insurance proof is available within 24 hours. If the student is not prepared to pay in this manner, they must download the paper copy and submit as instructed which may take up to two weeks to process. Turn in proof of liability insurance to Ms. Tiffany Battle in nursing.


Throughout the semester, the student will complete several steps for internship success which include:

  1. Select an agency, using the criteria for agency selection, related to area of interest in Long Term Care and obtain consent for internship experience. (Use the Agency Contact letter).
  2. Complete a LTCM Clinical Initiation Form and submit to your Faculty Advisor.
  3. Submit a signed approval form to Mrs. Tiffany Battle, clinical service manager, College of Nursing and Health Sciences, following posted deadlines. (See Checklist below).
  4. Submit the Student/Agency Contract to approved agency and return completed form to Faculty Advisor.
  5. Complete 150 hours at selected internship agency with internship supervisor (assigned by agency).
  6. Complete assigned forms during the course of the semester:
    1. Internship Reflections - due within 24 hours of each internship experience.
    2. Internship Time Sheet - one copy with planned dates to faculty advisor at beginning of internship and a copy with signatures at end of experience.
    3. Internship Evaluation Tool - completed at mid-point and end-point by student, internship supervisor and faculty advisor. Due at mid-point and end-point.
    4. Submit all requirements of the portfolio:
      1. cover page;
      2. table of contents;
      3. resume; (example)
      4. description of the internship agency; (form)
      5. short narrative on the definition of long term care within the framework of the agency (approximately 250 words);
      6. internship time sheet; (form)
      7. internship reflections; (form)
      8. internship evaluation tool; (form)

Practicum/Internship Checklist

  • Meet with your faculty adviser for approval of your site choice.  It is strongly suggested that you start this process at least 5-6 months prior to the time you intend to start your internship.

    MOU Partnerships:


  • Bring in your signed Clinical Initiation Form to the Clinical Service Manager (CSM).
    See Mrs. Tiffany Battle (Clinical Service Manager) in College of Nursing and Health Sciences, Room 134

    Deadlines for submitting Clinical Initiation Form
    • October 1 for Spring Semester
    • March 1 for Summer Semester
    • June 1 for Fall Semester

  • CSM will determine facility requirements and notify student of requirements and if application to ACEMAPP is needed

    If ACEMAPP is required...
    Student to submit requirements via ACEMAPP prior to deadline


    If ACEMAPP is not required...
    Student to submit requirements to CSM prior to deadline


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