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Crawford Wheatley Hall

The Department of Computer Science is located in the Crawford Wheatley Hall which provides the department with a 17,500 Square Feet facility for classrooms, laboratories, conference rooms, offices for faculty, office for the secretary, student lounge, and workroom. The facility is adequate to support the instructional mission and methods for the department.

Faculty Offices

Faculty offices are located on the second floor. Faculty offices are equipped with computers connected to the campus network, Internet access, and telephone. The school has recently replaced faculty computers with the new generation of computers. The printing requirements for faculty are met with laser quality printers and a high quality color printer. A high quality scanner is placed in the faculty area. The department is further equipped with a copier and fax machines.

State-of-the-art computer facility

Starting from Fall 2012, the School of Computing and Mathematics adopted a new approach to satisfy needs of the school's students and faculty members. The two main components of such approach are:

  • dedicated network connectivity to USG PeachNet which is separated from the main GSW campus network
  • A set of powerful computing resources (servers, routers, switches) which allow to organize a well structured, feature-rich computing infrastructure.

This computing infrastructure is based on virtualization technology which makes it flexible and scalable by design. It has enough computing  resources to run private virtual workstations for all faculty members of the school as well as for all graduate students.. Moreover, the infrastructure is associated with a recognizable domain name,, and hosts several application servers including the school's Document Management System (DMS).

Click here to see the top-level network layout.


There are three classrooms (CWH 101, CWH104, and CWH 221). Each class can accommodate 35 students. Each classroom is equipped with overhead projection systems; and access to the campus network including internet access. The classroom CWH 101 and CWH 221 are also equipped with computers. These computers are networked with the campus wide network. The other two classrooms are CWH 202, which is used for networking classes and CWH 214 for security classes. Since all the classes are held in the same building, students have easy access to the professor for discussions and consultation.

Computing Laboratories

The Department of Computer Science has five academic computing labs, and a dedicated server room. The computing labs are: open lab (CWH 102), Networking lab (CWH 202), Security lab (CWH214), Multi-media lab (CWH 107). The total number of desktop computers in the school is approximately 140. These computers are served by several servers (Windows 7/2003/2008, Unix). These servers support academic programs by providing access to software programs like compilers, databases, design and development tools, etc.

Each student has adequate and reasonable access to the systems needed for each course. The Open Lab (CWH102) is available every day Monday-Thursday and is open for approximately 40 hours per week. The other Open Labs (Academic Resource Center, Library, and other labs on the university campus) are also available. 

Software Support

The Department of Computer Science has a rich source of software available to students and faculty. In addition, there are commonly available university wide licensed software programs. The  department is a member of Microsoft Academic Alliance, IBM Academic Alliance, VMWare Academic Program, and EMC Academic Alliance. Some programs are purchased by the department or received as a donation, e.g. the 15 licenses for the Liquid XML Studio from Liquid-Technologies Ltd. 

For more information contact:

Dr. Simon Baev

  • VMWare Academic Program,
  • EMC Academic Alliance, 
  • Microsoft Academic Alliance, 
  • IBM Academic Alliance

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