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The Student Conduct Process begins when the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities or the Title IX Coordinator receives a notice of an incident or an alleged violation which may have been submitted as a complaint or report.  The Title IX Coordinator shall process and investigate any alleged violations of Sexual Misconduct Policy. The Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities handles all other allegations of Student Code of Conduct violations.

A Student Conduct Officer will review the information provided to determine if there is a possible violation of the Student Code of Conduct. If this is determined, then the Student Conduct Officer will send the student(s)/organization involved an email request to meet for a Preliminary Investigation Meeting. The student has two business days to schedule an appointment.

If the student/organization responds and schedules a Preliminary Investigation Meeting, during that meeting the Student Conduct Officer will explain the Student Conduct Process and will gather information following up on the complaint or report. If the Student Conduct Officer determines there is enough information to allege that a violation of the Student Code of Conduct may have occurred, he/she will present the student/organization with a Notice of Allegation. A Notice of Allegation may be presented at the end of that meeting or sent to the student/organization via email at a later time. The Student Conduct Officer may also use his/her discretion to dismiss the case following the Preliminary Investigation Meeting if there is not enough information that supports an allegation of a violation of the Student Code of Conduct.

If the student fails to schedule an appointment for a Preliminary Investigation Meeting, the Student Conduct Officer will use the information already provided and proceed to the next step of the Student Conduct Process, which is a Notice of Allegation sent via email.


The Notice of Allegation will explain the Student Conduct Process, list any Student Code of Conduct policies that the respondent student/organization has allegedly violated, and offer proposed sanctions for these alleged violations. The Notice of Allegation will also present two available options from which the respondent student/organization can choose: (1) Informal Resolution or (2) Formal Resolution. The complainant (when applicable) will also receive a copy of the respondent’s Notice of Allegation.


An Informal Resolution must meet the following criteria: (1) the Student Conduct Officer handling the case and the respondent student/organization agree that Informal Resolution is a reasonable option given the circumstances; (2) the student/organization must accept responsibility for the violation(s) of the specified policies; (3) the student/organization must accept the sanctions resulting from the violation(s); and (4) if applicable, the complainant should agree with the sanctions issued for the violation(s). Cases that do not meet all four criteria for the Informal Resolution will be referred to Formal Resolution.


If the respondent student/organization accepts the responsibility for the violation of the Student Code of Conduct but does not accept the proposed sanctions resulting from the violation, a Sanctioning Hearing will be held with a Hearing Panel or a Hearing Officer to determine the sanction(s) for the violation.

If the respondent student/organization does not accept responsibility for a violation of the Student Code of Conduct policies, there will be a Formal Investigation and a hearing before a Hearing Panel or a Hearing Officer.


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