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Biking is good for...


Biking is known as an activity that you cannot forget, and you simply can't! As a transportation motive, biking helps you achieve faster transportation as opposed to walking and you receive the health benefits associated with biking. But actually, bikes have many different components that can change how a person rides a bike. It all depends on how your bike fits you. Make sure that your frame, seating, and handlebars are proportionate with yourself before going on rides or even buying a bike.

The Heart

It helps improve your cardiovascular fitness and burn calories. Additionally, studies from Purdue University have shown that regular cycling can cut your risk of heart disease.

Mental Health

Researchers from Illinois University found that 5 percent improvement in cardiorespiratory fitness from cycling led to an improvement of up to 15 percent in mental tests.

Stress Levels

In fact, any mild to moderate exercise releases natural feel-good endorphins that help counter stress and make you happy. Even if it is just for 30min, cycling helps you relax and makes you happier.

Immune System

This is due to the fact that moderate exercise helps to make immune cells more active so that they are ready to fight infection.

Physical Health

As a part of exercise, any form of biking, whether it is for a work out or just casual riding, biking has a good impact on your physical health.

GSW Bike Share Program

Bike sharing can be an innovative way of promoting exercise without requiring significant lifestyle changes. It allows individuals to efficiently integrate exercise into their lives while pursuing their destination or location. Therefore, GSW is promoting personal wellness as well as contributing to environmental sustainability.

Not only do bikes provide a refreshing alternative to a generally inactive modern lifestyle, but bicycles also provide on-demand transport that allows you to reach locations not easily or efficiently accessible by other forms of transportation, such as motorized vehicles.

Bike Share Program Policies

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I check out a bike?

Bikes and helmets may be checked out at the Fitness Center Front Desk. Bikes must be returned to the Fitness Center by ONE HOUR BEFORE closing (check the Fitness Center schedule for closing). If it is your first time checking out a bike, you must sign a liability waiver that will be kept on file. You will then be given a key for the bike lock. Bikes will be located in the SSC. A Fitness Center Supervisor will be in charge of giving you a bike. YOU MUST HAVE A VALID GSW ID.

What do I do when I am done?

When you time is up, or you are finished riding, simply bring the bike, helmet, bike lock, and key back to the Fitness Center Front Desk. Late returns will cost $10 per day.

How long do I check out a bike?

Bikes and Helmets can be checked out during Fitness Center operating hours. Bikes cannot be renewed or checked out again in the same day. If the bike is not returned at the end of the day ONE HOUR BEFORE Fitness Center closing, a $10 fee will be added to the Student or Faculty/Staff account. If the bike is not returned by the third day, the user will also be charged for the late fees AND the cost of the bike until the bike is returned. Replacement fees are $200 for the single speed cruisers. Helmets must also be returned with the bike. On the third day, the user will be charged for the cost of the helmet until the helmet is returned. The replacement fee is $30. If the user fails to return any of the equipment, they will be charged $300 and a hold will be put on their account.

What if there are problems or damages?

If you encounter a bike with damage or some other program that occurred either before or while you were renting, please ask for a Work Order form from the Fitness Center Front Desk.

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