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Hometown: Gordon, GeorgiaLola Carr

Major: Senior English major

Graduating: December 2020

Why did you choose to attend GSW?
I chose to attend Georgia Southwestern because of its affordability and smaller campus and class size. Because of the smaller size, there are a lot of opportunities to interact with professors one-on-one, and all of the ones I've had really care about students and want them to succeed. Also, I was already somewhat familiar with the college because my cousins were attending GSW when I was still in high school, so I felt comfortable here, which made the transition easier.

Please list your University highlights, achievements, leadership and awards.

  • President's List, 4 semesters
  • Wheatley Academic Scholarship Recipient, 7 semesters
  • Agerton Scholarship Recipient, 3 semesters
  • Second Place Award in Dolores Capitan Writing Contest for Creative Writing
  • Writing Center Consultant, 1.5 years

What is your favorite memory or experience you've had at GSW?
My favorite experience I've had while at GSW was living with my best friend, Christian, for two years. We have been friends since middle school, but I never thought we would end up at the same college and as roommates. A lot of people told us that rooming together might ruin our friendship, but we really had the best time and got to learn a lot more about each other.

Who is your favorite professor or staff member and why?
This is a really tough question because I've had some great professors in both the English and Psychology departments, but I want to recognize Dr. Moir and Dr. DiPaula. Dr. Moir has been an awesome advisor and professor since my very first semester. He's always encouraging, ready to talk, and he always has super helpful advice when it comes to creating a class schedule, balancing school and work, and figuring out life in general. Dr. DiPaula hired me to work in the Writing Center and has taught me so much about building relationships with other students and being sensitive to their writing concerns, and it has changed my perspective on language and communication. She is easy to talk to and is always energetic, positive, and excited about teaching.

What is your plan after graduation?
I have already accepted a full-time position as a Psychology Assessment Assistant at an office in Macon, Georgia. I'm excited about the job because I think it will be a good application of what I've learned as an English major and Psychology minor. 

What is your favorite class and why?
My favorite class I have had is Postmodern and Contemporary American Literature with Dr. Kaus. It was my favorite because we read a lot of fiction books that were extremely interesting and relevant to current culture. The class was really interactive and everyone was excited about and engaged in the material, which is a rare occurrence.

Why did you choose your major?
I chose English as my major because I've always enjoyed reading and writing, and I believed it would be a field well-suited to my interests and personality. I also think that English is just underappreciated. As an English major, I've learned how to think critically, analyze things effectively, communicate more efficiently, and a ton of other things that I believe are invaluable life skills and can be useful in jobs, hobbies, relationships, and countless other pursuits.

What is your favorite series to binge watch and why?
Anyone who knows me knows that it's The Office. I'm currently on the last season, and it's my eighth time watching the series in its entirety. I just love the characters and feel like I know them personally at this point, and I really appreciate the type of humor that's used in the show.

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