Georgia Southwestern College of Nursing and Health Sciences is proud to be qualified to contribute to your education through the ARMY Medical Department (AMEDD) Enlisted Commissioning Program AECP) for ARMY Enlisted Personnel. The AMEDD Enlisted Commissioning Program (AECP) provides eligible Active Duty, Reserve, National Guard, or AGR ARMY SOLDIER’s the opportunity to complete a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) and receive a commission in the Active Duty component of the ARMY Nurse Corps.


Traditional BSN

Second Degree BSN


The first step is to apply to the University and be accepted. In most cases, one should apply for the intended year of admission. All prerequisite core curriculum must be completed before entering nursing.  Core courses are available through various colleges and technical institutions, as well as Georgia Southwestern via ecore (please check with Registrar for online core curriculum courses). Transfer Articulation and Curriculum Sheets are available on the GSW Admission website to help you see what core curriculum will transfer to GSW.  Send all official transcripts to university admissions so that a transcript evaluation can be performed by admissions and made available to the College of Nursing and Health Sciences.  Review of applications to the College of Nursing and Health Sciences can't be done until a transcript evaluation is available from our Registrar. 

The second step is to apply to the College of Nursing and Health Sciences for the semester/year actually planned for entry to classes. The items listed below are sent only to the College of Nursing and Health Sciences (along with unofficial transcripts if requested):

  • College of Nursing and Health Sciences Application Form for specific program
  • Two (2) completed reference forms
  • Resume
  • HESI is waived for AECP only and not required for College of Nursing and Health Sciences application 

Eligibility Requirements (these must be met before applying to GSW College of Nursing and Health Sciences):

  • Must lack no more than 9 credit hours of core to be considered for admission. (See curriculum sheets and transfer articulation tool on the Admissions page.)
  • Must have completed 3 science courses toward the degree major, Area A, and English literature course before applying.
  • Must meet the program specific criteria as well.
  • Must have a minimum graduating GPA of 2.80 for first degree if applying for the 2nd Degree BSN and maintain a minimum GPS of 2.80 as a nursing student


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Department Contact

School of Nursing

Connie Hammack
Student Services Coordinator


Faculty & Staff

Don't Miss the Deadline!

The deadline for both Spring and Fall admissions cycles is May 1st. calendar-icon-blue.png

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Programs Offered

The GSW College of Nursing and Health Sciences offers three BSN programs that meet AECP requirements:

 Traditional BSN Program– for students with no nursing background
 2nd Degree BSN Program- for students with a bachelor degree or higher in non-nursing field of study
 LPN-BSN Program- for state licensed LPNs wanting to become nurses with BSN

    • Each program track is taught face-to-face on our beautiful campus and in our state-of-the-art educational nursing facility.
    • Program can be completed in two years.
    • Cost of the two year nursing program is within the range of AECP approval. To date fees are:
      • In-State Matriculation per semester (15 hours): $2540.00 (Fall 2019/Spring 2020)
      • Clinical Surcharge: $75.00
      • BOR-Institutional fees: $242.00
      • Technology fee: $55.00
      • Nursing lab fee: $50.00
      • Testing/Exam-Nursing: $611.00
      • Parking: $18.00
      • ID fee: $10.00
    • All other fees are waived by the university for active duty persons in the AECP program.
    • Our average NCLEX (RN licensure) pass rate for the past three years is 91.21%.
    • Program accredited by Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) and approval of the Georgia Board of Nursing.
    • Assistance in completion of DA 2125 form.
    • Electronic documents and correspondence (rather than required via mail) can be accomplished to help those stationed abroad. 

Admission to the Traditional, 2nd Degree, and LPN-BSN programs is fall & spring. All application documents must be submitted by the deadline; application materials will not be accepted after the deadline. *If you are not accepted to AECP or the College of Nursing and Health Sciences and would like to reapply for the following year, you must reapply and resubmit all College of Nursing and Health Sciences documents.