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Kutzler releases book in Civil War America seriesKutzlerLiving-cover 1

Assistant Professor Evan Kutzler, Ph.D., recently published a book, Living by Inches: The Smells, Sounds, Tastes, and Feeling of Captivity in Civil War Prisons, this month. The book is part of the prestigious Civil War America series at the University of North Carolina Press.

From battlefields, boxcars, and forgotten warehouses to notorious prison camps like Andersonville and Elmira, prisoners seemed to be everywhere during the American Civil War. Yet there is much we do not know about the soldiers and civilians whose very lives were in the hands of their enemies. Living by Inches is the first book to examine how imprisoned men in the Civil War perceived captivity through the basic building blocks of human experience--their five senses. From the first whiffs of a prison warehouse to the taste of cornbread and the feeling of lice, captivity assaulted prisoners’ perceptions of their environments and themselves. Evan A. Kutzler demonstrates that the sensory experience of imprisonment produced an inner struggle for men who sought to preserve their bodies, their minds, and their sense of self as distinct from the fundamentally uncivilized and filthy environments surrounding them. From the mundane to the horrific, these men survived the daily experiences of captivity by adjusting to their circumstances, even if these transformations worried prisoners about what type of men they were becoming.

Dave publishes chapter and book review

Associate Professor and Writing Center Director Anish Dave, Ph.D, recently co-authored a book chapter titled "The Conflict of Genre: Disciplinary Terminology and Conceptual Overlap in the Context of the Annual Report" in Communication and Conflict Studies: Disciplinary Connections, Research Directions edited by Adrienne P Lamberti and Anne R Richards. Dave’s co-author for the chapter is Dr. Marcy Leasum Orwig, Associate Professor of Business Communication at University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. The chapter textually analyzes annual reports of two major automobile manufacturers for evidence of cognitive dissonance. The book was published in 2019 by Palgrave Macmilan.

Dave also published a book review of The Textbook and the Lecture: Education in the Age of New Media by Norm Friesen in The Liminal: Interdisciplinary Journal of Technology in Education this year.

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