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Welcome to GSW. As part of the new employee orientation you must read the computer procedures and policies sections below.


Computer and Network Usage Policy

By creating and using university accounts and other computing services, you have accepted and agreed to the "Computer and Network Usage Policy" document.

Information Security Concerns

In order to minimize the risks associated with using a computer attached to the campus network, and hence to the Internet, there are several "best practices" a campus computer user must employ.

The first risk to consider is that of availability of your personal password. All activities on your computer are governed by having the logon password, so it is important that this password not be available to anyone but you. Do not place it on a sticky note and put it on the monitor or under the keyboard or any other easily accessible place.

Do not post your instructions for accessing BANNER or your email where they are easily viewed by anyone visiting your workspace.

When it is time to change your password, please choose one that does not reflect any personal association nor that is on the common password list that hackers use to gain unauthorized access to a computer. The best password is one that uses a combination of characters and numbers which have a special meaning for you. You may need to write this password down but protect this information as you would your social security number.

A second major threat to the security of a personal computer is the prevalence of viruses. The Technical Support personnel from IIT will make every effort to keep you informed concerning the current viruses and threats posed via email, etc. However, you need to be aware that when the virus protection software finds a problem, you must take appropriate action to respond to that threat. If you notice that your virus software is not updating itself regularly as it should, please inform Technical Support immediately.

Third, there is great danger to your computer and to GSW's network and hosts from indiscriminant downloading of items from the Internet. Usually "free" means it has a hidden cost - either you have to give personal information or it runs on your computer and feeds information back to its source. Often many such programs install a "back door" which makes your computer accessible to other machines on the Internet without your even being aware of it. Some even log your keystrokes (and hence your passwords) and send this information to some unknown-to-you person. When your computer is installed by IIT's Technical Support staff, every effort is made to secure it with virus protection and to protect it from automatic installation of silent intrusive software. Thus changing its original configuration can compromise the security of that pc and the security of the network and the hosts you rely on to perform your day-to-day work.

In the event that you feel that your password has become known to others, please contact the OIIT helpdesk for assistance in changing it. In the event something from the Internet installs itself on your computer, please call so it may be removed. In the event you have reason to believe your computer or server has been compromised, please report it to the IIT helpdesk or email

Please be aware that no machine on the Internet is anonymous. There are laws which govern the use of copyrighted information and they apply to any available on the Internet also. To download copyrighted information (music, movies, games) is the same as stealing them from a store. The companies holding those licenses are now prosecuting cases resulting in large fines and the possibility of imprisonment.

All computers attached to the GSW network and their users are subject to the federal, state, and USG policies, laws and sanctions. Nothing on your computer is private and any information stored can be obtained through invoking the Georgia Open Records Act. The "best practice" is to use your work computer only for work-related materials.

If you have any question or concerns relating to information security, email or call the IIT Helpdesk and they will be routed to the appropriate responder.

To report abuses of accepted computing and networking practices (such as unsolicited commercial email, ftp sites offering unauthorized copyrighted material, etc.) by GSW related individuals, programs or equipment,


to report computer or networking security concerns or incidents that involve GSW related individuals, programs or equipment:

If you need to talk to a live person: GSW OIIT Help Desk at 229-931-2074.

Email account and Policy

Employee CanesNet accounts are created by IIT when we receive notification from Human Resources that a new employee has been hired.  If you need an email or CanesNet account created for an outside party, or an employee (such as a temporary student worker) for whom a PAN will not be issued, please contact Technical Support by emailing or by calling 229-931-2074.

You will need to visit the the Information and Instructional Technology (IIT) department in Morgan Hall to pick up your E-mail account information. Your information sheet will include your E-mail address and your initial password for your account.


Banner Account

How to Get a RAIN or Banner Web Login

Requests for RAIN or Banner Web Accounts should be made via e-mail to  Once your account has been established, you will be notified of how to log into the system.

Technical Support Procedures and Services

1.    Requests for support are placed via email (, by phone (ext 2074), through the Technical Request web form, or through our ticketing system web portal Solar winds (you will have to log in with your CanesNet credentials.)

2.    The person making the request will receive an email from Technical Support ( providing a link to their ticket in Solar Winds for status updates.

3.    As quickly as possible, the technician will contact the person making the request and set up a day and time for the request to be handled.

4.    After the technician has completed the request, the person who made the request will receive an email from Solar Winds letting them know the job has been resolved and asking for confirmation of the resolution.

Network Support Services

  1. Requests for new network connections should be sent by email to  and they will be routed to Network Services.
  2. To report a problem relating to network connectivity (the cable is broken, the wall jack is broken) call the helpdesk (2074).
  3. In the event you are considering purchasing a device to be attached to the network, please involve IIT network support staff in your decision process in an advisory capacity so that the best choices may be made and so that the opportunity to evaluate in a timely manner the resources needed to support the device may be obtained. The same applies to connecting an existing device to the network as any device attached to the network affects all others.
  4. Any plans for renovation of buildings, offices, classrooms, computer labs, etc., which use network connections should be shared with network support staff at the earlier stages of planning.

Telecommunication Instructions

To Activate Call Forwarding

  • Listen for dial tone
  • Dial Activation Code *74
  • Listen for special dial tone
  • Dial the phone number you are forwarding to
  • Listen for ringing
  • Advise end user of Call Forwarding
  • Your calls will be forwarded until you Cancel from original phone

    Note: If a busy tone or no answer is received, it is necessary to repeat the same steps within a two-minute period to activate. When this is done, you will receive a confirmation tone.

    • If trying to activate Call Forwarding and you get an error message, your phone is currently forwarded. You must Cancel Call Forwarding before proceeding.
    • No rings will be heard from desk when your number is forwarded on campus
    • Half ring will be heard from desk when your number is forwarded off campus
    • Voice Mail that answers will be on Call Forwarded number

To Cancel Call Fowarding

  • Feature must be canceled from phone number where Call Forward was activated
  • Listen for dial tone
  • Dial deactivation code *73
  • Listen for confirmation tone
  • Hang up

To Transfer a Call

  • Depress the FLASH button
  • Listen for special dial tone
  • Dial party you are transferring to
  • Hear ringing

    Note: If number is busy, not answering or wrong number, you must depress the switchhook once to reconnect the party on hold.

  • Announce call
  • Hang up

Instructions for Conference Call (up to 3 people)

  • While first person is on line
  • Depress the FLASH button (This places the present party on hold)
  • Listen for special dial tone
  • Dial the third number and listen for ringing
  • Note: If busy, no answer or wrong numbers, depress FLASH. This reconnects you to the party on hold and clears you from the third number.
  • Inform third party of three-way conference
  • Depress the FLASH
  • Begin three-way conference

Instructional Support Procedures

Requests for instructional support are placed via email (, by phone (2074) or by web at

Instructional Support Services

For a complete list of instructional services offered by OIIT please see the IIT Instructional Services web page.


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