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Desktop telephone line costs per month

  • Basic single line -- $24.96
  • Multiple line -- $35.81
  • Voice mail -- $4.20

Telephone sets

  • Single line: Cortelco 9125
  • Two line: Cortelco 9225
  • Four line: Cortelco 2740

Voice mail

  • Administered through Georgia Technology Authority (GTA)
  • Incoming fax capability
  • Voice messages received via:
    • Telephone
    • Email
    • Website

Call Forwarding

To Activate

  • Listen for dial tone
  • Dial Activation Code *74
  • Listen for special dial tone
  • Dial the phone number you are forwarding to
  • Listen for ringing
  • Advise end user of Call Forwarding
  • Your calls will be forwarded until you Cancel from original phone

    Note: If a busy tone or no answer is received, it is necessary to repeat the same steps within a two-minute period to activate. When this is done, you will receive a confirmation tone.

    • If trying to activate Call Forwarding and you get an error message, your phone is currently forwarded. You must Cancel Call Forwarding before proceeding.
    • No rings will be heard from desk when your number is forwarded on campus
    • Half ring will be heard from desk when your number is forwarded off campus
    • Voice Mail that answers will be on Call Forwarded number

To Cancel

  • Feature must be canceled from phone number where Call Forward was activated
  • Listen for dial tone
  • Dial deactivation code *73
  • Listen for confirmation tone
  • Hang up

To Transfer a Call

  • Depress the FLASH button
  • Listen for special dial tone
  • Dial party you are transferring to
  • Hear ringing

    Note: If number is busy, not answering or wrong number, you must depress the switchhook once to reconnect the party on hold.

  • Announce call
  • Hang up

Instructions for Conference Call (up to 3 people)

  • While first person is on line
  • Depress the FLASH button (This places the present party on hold)
  • Listen for special dial tone
  • Dial the third number and listen for ringing
  • Note: If busy, no answer or wrong numbers, depress FLASH. This reconnects you to the party on hold and clears you from the third number.
  • Inform third party of three-way conference
  • Depress the FLASH
  • Begin three-way conference

Change requests: Moves, Additions, Disconnects, Changes

  • Include type of change
  • Telephone number to change
  • End user
  • Location, including building name, room number and jack #, if possible (V**)
  • Date of change, if known. Allow 7-10 business days for completion.
  • Works like phone number in building


  • Try another phone set on the jack. If the customer is successful in using another phone, the trouble is in the phone set and not the line. Contact for a new phone set.
  • Is there a dial tone?
  • Can you make calls? What happens/error when attempting?
  • Can you receive calls? What happens/error when attempting?

If this does not resolve the issue, please send an email to with:

  • person’s name
  • telephone number with problem
  • what the problem is (no dial tone, static on line, etc.)
  • the last time the telephone worked properly
  • building name and room number of telephone trouble
  • contact information

Created: September 06, 2018Amended: January 01, 2019

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