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The Symposium for Engaged Teaching is a monthly event designed to honor some of the best teaching at GSW. Speakers are chosen by the CTL committee and faculty who apply lessons learned at workshops are eligible for a small stipend. Application forms are below.


2017-2018 Speakers      
Gary Fisk Video  Handout  
Comments:   "The assertion-evidence format simplifies class materials by pinpointing out key concepts and allows class materials to be presented in a more timely manner. It is also less wordy and use visual formats to engage student's attention. It also provides opportunities for faculty to elaborate on the materials and for students to take notes instead of just relying on a more worded presentation." Anh-Hue Tu "I suspect that the new slide format might help increase attendance because students feel that they cannot rely exclusively on the slides to provide them with the information. I post pdfs of my slides to GaView, so one potential concern is that students feel they can get everything they need without coming to class" Anne Jacobs "The audience for my slides was attentive throughout the presentation and was very focused on the subject material. I didn't lose them with too much information on a single slide. The use of different format kept the audience (and the presenter) on their toes." Stephanie Harvey 
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Elizabeth Gurnack Video  Handout  
Comments "I like the different diagrams and pictures the videos use to explain the concepts. In the DNA replication video, for example, the diagram with the lagging and leading strands really helped me better understand the functions of all the different enzymes. Also, the videos taught the information in different ways: in the microevolution video, it was a helpful, new explanation when the man used his fingers to explain the Hardy-Weinberg principle. The videos also gave a more in-depth history of how the concepts were discovered and proved, which was interesting and also helped relate to real life happenings."--One of Anh-Hue Tu's Biology 1107 students "Following the steps of "flipping the classroom," I created a way for the students to gain first exposure to the new material outside of class by reading the novels and information about the corresponding genres, century and authors. To help ensure student preparation for class, students were expected to complete worksheets about the readings. Some of the questions helped them reviewing for the test. The most complexed questions were analyzed in class through discussions with classmates and as a whole class." Olga Godey "The event challenged me to rethink how I can effective use both my time in class and out of class in different ways"  Paul Dahlgren
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