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Earn Your Tomorrow

At GSW, we welcome students ready to focus on what's next - to dive in and carve out their own path forward. Will it be easy? Not always. But you'll have a powerful force behind you - and entire team of dedicated faculty, staff, and peers providing the support, motivation, tools, and mentors you need to buckle down and get it done. Because acing an exam and getting that degree are all that much sweeter when you earn it.
Student Using Computer

Computer Labs

GSW has numerous computer labs across campus for use by GSW students. Some are open to all students, and some are open to students whose major correspond with the building.

Student Receiving Assistant

Accommodations and Access

This campus unit provides a comprehensive range of academic support services and accommodations to promote the full integration of students with disabilities into GSW.

Leadership & Service Project

Experiential Learning

Get hands-on experience through learning opportunities such as internships, study abroad, research, and leadership roles proven to bring success in and out of the classroom.

Leadership & Service Project

Tutoring & Supplemental Instruction

Peer tutoring and supplemental instruction, offered in-person or online, provides students with an additional opportunity to receive extra assistance in challenging courses.

Student Studying

Veterans' Educational Services

GSW offers the educational training of veterans and certain eligible spouses and dependents. Financial transactions and eligibility is handled between the student and the VA.

Student in Writing Center

Writing Center

Staffed by undergraduate students in majors such as English, History, Political Science, and Accounting, Writing Consultants work with students on their writing projects.