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Undergraduate Admission Deadlines


Spring Semester
October 31 Transfer Registration Begins
November 14 International Student Application Deadline
December 1 Transient Registration Begins
December 10 Application Deadline


Summer Semester
April 14 Transfer Registration Begins
April 15 International Student Deadline
April 25 Application Deadline, May Term
May 15 Application Deadline, Summer Term
April 27 Transient Registration Begins


Fall Semester
February 1 Freshman Scholarship Deadline
May 18 Transfer Registration Begins
July 1 International Student Deadline
July 15 Transient Registration Begins
July 21 Application Deadline

Please note that if the transient registration begin date falls on a weekend, it will start the following Monday.

Graduate Admission Deadlines


College of Business & Computing
Fall Admission June 30
Spring Admission November 30
Summer Admission April 30


College of Education
Summer Admission (M.Ed)

May 24

Summer Admission (Ed.S.)

June 14


College of Nursing and Health Sciences
FNP Program Summer/Fall Admission February 1st (preferred), March 1 (final)
FNP Program Spring Admission (part-time only) October 15
FNP Post-Master's Certificate Program Fall Admission June 30
MSN Program Summer Admission April 15
MSN Program Fall Admission June 30
MSN Program Spring Admission November 30