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Canes 360 is a group of people dedicated to the rapid turnaround of resources available to the Georgia Southwestern Hurricane Athletics program.

To continue empowering the GSW Athletics program and provide each sport a better chance at winning championships, we offer Canes 360 memberships. Your support of the Canes 360 fund with a commitment to the Canes 360, 110% Club, or Young Hurricane Alumni memberships will combine with others to provide athletic scholarships at a competitive level, enhance capital improvements for the playing fields, and improve team travel. With a commitment to the Canes 360 fund or corporate partnership, you also have the opportunity to upgrade to exclusive basketball courtside seating for an additional annual payment. Your contribution will elevate the student athlete experience, give the coaches resources to make improvements where they are most needed, and lead to championship level of play in which we can all take pride and enjoy watching together.

Now, to the sphere of influence part. In addition to your commitment to the Canes 360 fund, we need you to ask two friends to do the same. Why a 5-year commitment? In order to plan for available scholarships for students and prioritize improvements, the program needs to be able to expect that money available in one year will also be available at the same or higher level in future years.

Canes 360 Brochure 

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Athletic Highlights

Check out our 2020-21 Individual and Team Highlights, and see how your contribution will assist in various opportunities for our student athletes. 

For more information about Georgia Southwestern Athletics, visit

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Exclusive Basketball Courtside Seating

Upgrade your Canes 360 membership, and be close to the action in the unique, exciting environment of the Storm Dome Arena! The oversized, padded premium seats are located directly across from the team benches. By purchasing a courtside seat, the name of your choice will be listed on the chair back cover. To be eligible to purchase this one-of-a-kind experience, you must be a member of the Canes 360 program or a corporate partner.

Rising Together

We encourage you to pledge to support the Georgia Southwestern Hurricane Athletic Program with a gift to the Canes 360 fund which will be used for enhancements to athletics through increased student scholarships, capital equipment/field upgrades, and other improvements as needed.

Canes 360 Membership Details

Membership Options
Canes 360 $360/year, $1,800/5 years
110% Canes 360 Club  Increases the Canes 360 pledge by 10% ($396/year, $1,980/ 5 years)
Young Hurricane Alumni Graduates of GSW within the last five years are eligible to join Canes 360 at a discounted rate ($60/year, $300/ 5 years)
Exclusive Basketball Courtside Seating Allows any Canes 360 member or corporate partner to add reserved courtside seating for an additional annual payment of $180. SOLD OUT FOR 2023-24 Season


Online Canes 360 Membership Form          Employee Payroll Deduction Form          Basketball Courtside Seating Form

Current Canes 360 Members

Canes 360

  • James Abbott
  • Dr. Rachel Abbott
  • Lisa and Danny Adkins
  • Americus Veterinary Hospital
  • Debra and Ervin Anderson
  • Michelle and Ben Andrews
  • Alice and John Argo
  • Arnold & Hooks LLC
  • Jane and Ricky Arnold
  • Ashley and Taylor Austin
  • Dallas NeSmith and Andrew Austin
  • Karen and Greg Austin
  • Lynn Bailey
  • Mikela Barlow
  • Taylor and Reagan Barksdale
  • Amy and Jeff Benton
  • Jan and Bill Bird
  • Carol and Joe Bishop
  • Chris and Hary Bottka
  • Kristen and Tim Brooks
  • Dr. Jessica S. Brown
  • Mayor Kevin T. Brown
  • Laurel Savelli and Jay Buchanan
  • Joyce Buchanan
  • Diane Cagle
  • Carter's Fried Chicken
  • Central Florida Renovation & Design Group LLC
  • Chambliss, Sheppard, Roland & Associates, LLP
  • Lou Chase
  • Gaynor and Mike Cheokas
  • Chelsea and Logan Collins
  • John and Sandy Coombs
  • Signe and Aaron Coombs
  • Santita T. Coon
  • Mark McCardle & Dr. Suzanne Conner
  • Danielle and Eric Crawford
  • Kristin and Les Cromer
  • Beverly and Wayne Dahlstrom
  • Sandra and Arthur Daniel
  • Kelsie and Cam Deiter
  • Darcy Donaldson
  • Jon Dorminey
  • Josh Drew
  • Mr. and Mrs. A. Terence Duncan, Jr.
  • Mary Elizabeth and William Easterlin
  • Kerry Edwards
  • Luke Ellis
  • Joan Erkhart
  • Al & Linda Erkhart
  • Denise and Brad Etter
  • First State Bank of Americus
  • Angela and Rob Fletcher
  • Claude Frazier
  • Mark Gainous
  • Merrit and Ryan Garnto
  • George's Men's Wear
  • Georgia Pest Control
  • Ginger Starlin Agency, Inc.
  • Global Graphics
  • James Griffith
  • Desiree and Allen Grimsley
  • Dr. Larry and Joanna Gurchiek
  • Cherilyn and Evan Guth
  • Hana Haden
  • Lindsay and Jeff Hall
  • Ann and William Harris
  • Dawn and Alex Hart
  • Carol and John Harvard
  • Cara and Darryl Hawkins
  • Gaye and John Hayes
  • Jamie and Tony Hayes
  • Leon Holloway Jr.
  • Paul Hunter
  • David Jenkins
  • Carolyn and Frank Joiner
  • Terri and Jeff Joiner
  • Carol and Kyle Kennon
  • Barbara and Stephen Kieran
  • William King
  • Lacy Paint & Body Shop Inc.
  • Connie Laster
  • Lisa and Tracy Law
  • Dennis Levering
  • Karlie and Nicole Levering
  • Jamie Lineberry
  • Judy Lloyd
  • Lawrence MacQuirter Jr.
  • The Maze
  • Carley and Justin McDonald
  • Christi and Josh McDonald
  • Martin A. McDonald State Farm
  • Mollie McGowan
  • Brittany McKenzie
  • Chris and Bryan McMichael
  • Sallie and Daniel Minick
  • Holly and Jason Mitchell
  • Kathryn and Brent Moore
  • Michael Morgan
  • Roger Myers
  • James H. Norton
  • Mark Pace
  • Brannon Parks
  • Hunter Peak
  • Charles Pennington
  • Brook and William Peterson
  • Andrea and Keith Pinckard
  • Irvin Jeryl Pinnell, Jr.
  • Christal and Chris Pritchett
  • Lynda Lee and Frank Purvis
  • Michele and Mike Ragsdale
  • Nick Ray
  • Red Hills Outdoors
  • Louis A. Riccardi D.D.S., P.C.; N.
  • Alex Riccardi-Turner, D.M.D.
  • Marquerite Rodgers and James Timberlake
  • Lindsey and Jeromy Roberts
  • James Roland
  • Donnie Roland
  • Allison and Rocky Roquemore
  • Karen and Randy Sanders
  • Mandi and Alex Saratsiotis
  • Megan and Jonathan Scott
  • Scott's Jewelry
  • Thelma Sexton
  • Gay and Bill Sheppard
  • Shiver Lumber Company
  • Rebecca and Chan Short
  • Angela and Rene Smith
  • Emily and Justin Smith
  • Suzanne and Brett Lloyd Smith
  • Pam and Herschel Smith III
  • Brandy and Steven Snell
  • Natasha Snider
  • Leah and Stephen Snyder
  • Hayley and Cody Stripling
  • Debbie and B. Darrell Summerall
  • Sumter County Chamber Of Commerce
  • Channon and George Thurmond
  • Katie and Josh Tondee
  • Traci and Rusty Tondee
  • Shay and George Torbert
  • Irina T. Toteva
  • Meghan Johnson and Andrew Trocheck
  • Mark Tyler
  • Judy and Jody Wade
  • Dr. Lettie Watford
  • Kristi and Neal Weaver
  • Paula and Nick Weaver
  • Lewis and Beth Webb
  • Morgan and Jimmy Whaley
  • Rick Whaley
  • J.W. "Rusty" Whaley III
  • Dr. Liz Wilson
  • James E. Wolfe, USAF, LT Col (Ret)
  • Mandy and Ryan Young
  • Danny and Sarah Zarzutzki

Young Hurricane Alumni

  • Jake Griffith
  • Courtney Harmon
  • Jonathan Hobbs
  • Bradley Kitchens
  • Meg and Danny Levie
  • Anna Rice
  • Peyton Sells

110% Club

  • Christine and Jim Aller
  • Sherrell Bailey
  • Tami and Barry Blount
  • Dr. Laura Boren
  • Calhoun Landscaping
  • Citizens Bank of Americus
  • Cheryl and Mike Fletcher
  • Gammage Print Shop
  • Reba and Sam Hunter
  • Walter Joiner
  • Junior Service League of Americus, Inc.
  • Jodie and Mike Leeder
  • Magnolia Manor, Inc.
  • Dr. and Mrs. J. William Mix
  • Donald and Pamela Pinette
  • Randy Roderick & Associates Inc.
  • Shannon and Dane Shepard
  • Teresa and Keith Teasley
  • Torbert Electric, LLC
  • Carla and Ty Turner
  • Elaine and Butch Watts
  • Sam and Larry Young
  • Jill and Ross Youngdale

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