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Looking for an Intern?

Georgia Southwestern wants to engage with community partners by setting up internship placement sites in order to give students practical experience while benefitting local businesses. Our student body represents majors in business, technology, healthcare, human services, education, humanities, and sciences. To find out more information about setting up an internship position and recruiting GSW student interns, please contact the Director of Experiential Learning, Judy Orton Grissett.

Are You Ready for an Intern?

The following items will help determine if your business is prepared for an intern:

  • Identify a Specific Need - You will work with many talented students. But keep in mind, they are not consultants. They will need direction from you, and it is best for you both if you have a specific deliverable that they can help commomplish during their time with you.
  • Determine Pay - Not all interns get paid, but increasingly they do. Some receive hourly rates while others may receive a stipend. Do you have the budget to hire an intern? If you don't intend to pay the intern, make sure this is clear during the interview process.
  • Identify an "Intern Manager" - To whom will the intern report? Someone will need to be responsible for onboarding and directing the intern during their time with the organization. The student is work to gain valuable "on-the-job" training and will need guidance.
  • Identify a Workspace - Will the the intern report to work or work remotely? Will a computer and telephone be assigned to the intern? Expectations should be discussed during the interview process.
  • Develop and Onboarding Plan - How will the intern learn about your organization and their role there? Have a plan in place and check their progress within the first two weeks on the job.
  • Evaluations - The student will need your evaluation to get course credit for the internship. Make time to complete this evaluation. The Director of Experiential Learning may contact you with more information.

Internship Requirements

Additionally, an internship must:

  • Be a significant position that gives the student an opportunity to explore career development issues and interests.
  • Run for at least 15 weeks, or the full semester that the student intends to use the internship for academic credit.
  • Include minimum of 8 hours per week at the internship site. If the internship is unpaid, the maximum number of work hours should not exceed 10/week; if the internship is paid, the maximum number of work hours is determined by mutual agreement between the supervisor and intern.
  • Include at least two learning objectives/responsibilities that provide experience in the student’s major.
  • Not entail more than 25% clerical work.

Department Contact

Office of Experiential Learning

Yemisi Milledge, Ph.D.
Director of Experiential Learning


Monday – Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm

Ready for an Intern?
If you are interested in having an intern, please complete the included Internship Site Interest Form. You will be contacted by the Director of Experiential Learning about next steps.
Internship Site Interest Form

Internship Responsibilities

Student internships are offered across campus and sometimes off campus at local businesses and organizations. Sample internship responsibilities may include:

  • "Shadowing" employees to see what they do in their daily activities
  • Performing laboratory tests
  • Designing and maintaining websites and social media accounts
  • Creating posters, charts, or graphs
  • Organizing and promoting company and/or community events
  • Performing software/hardware updates
  • Conducting surveys and creating reports
  • Creating presentations and handouts
  • Leading group activities at an after-school program, nursing home, etc.
  • Observing counseling sessions
  • Updating and filing records
  • Mentoring youth
  • Sitting in on team meetings