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Windows to the World

The Windows to the World (W2W) offers programs and experiential activities to help students learn about and explore cultural diversity and inclusion. The goal of W2W is to help prepare GSW graduates to engage successfully in the diverse world in which we live. Acquiring cultural competency is a valuable and marketable skill, as well as a lifelong process. 

The W2W adventure begins with your UNIV 1000 class and extends across your four-year degree program. All entering first-year fulltime students will attend at least six W2W seminars to meet graduation requirements.  Attendance will be monitored and progress tracked on DegreeWorks. Students will complete surveys after each W2W event and will write a reflective essay once all 6 events are completed.  Upon completion of the reflective essay, students will be prompted to take the W2W Capstone (INTL 3900) to complete the degree requirement.

GSW faculty, staff, and student organizations are encouraged to submit a proposal to host a Windows to the World Program. Please see W2W Event Guidelines. Proposals should be submitted to the Office of Experiential Learning.

Student Resources

Student Guidelines (Fall '19 and Later)

Student Guidelines (Prior to Fall '19)

CanesConnect Events

Department Contact

Windows to the World

Yemisi Milledge
Director of Experiential Learning

Wheatley Administration Building
Room 120

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Fulfilling W2W Requirements


Attend W2W Event

Register your attendance swiping your GSW ID#, providing your name and ID# to a staff person, or using an Event Pass QR code on your cell phone.


Talk to Your Advisor

Academic Advisors will assist students to ensure they are making progress toward completing the W2W requirement of attending 6 programs.


Complete the Capstone

After completing your sixth W2W event, please email to be registered for the W2W Capstone course, INTL 3900. This Capstone must be completed prior to graduation.

Exploring Other Cultures

GSW encourages students to seek out intercultural learning opportunities, both in and outside of the classroom:

  • To acquire intercultural knowledge, skills, and attitudes
  • To explore both how you see people who are different from you, and your own identity
  • To interact with other cultures and other areas of diversity and critically reflect on these interactions


How many events must I attend?

Students are required to have six W2W sanctioned events prior to graduation.

Who is required to complete the W2W Program?

All full-time, first-year undergraduate students, regardless of Dual Enrollment or Advanced Placement credit earned before graduating from high school.

What counts as a W2W event?

Programs, Activities, or Field Trips stating they are Windows to the World sanctioned events or W2W events found on CanesConnect. Participating in a study abroad program also counts toward the requirement.

How do I track my progress?

For each W2W event attended, an INTL 1000 course will be listed on your academic transcript by the end of each semester.

What is the Capstone (INTL 3900)?

INTL 3900 involves completing a final critical reflection on the W2W program. INTL 3900 is free, fully online and delivered through GeorgiaView.