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We Understand Life Changes

All changes made after your initial application or certification is forwarded to the VA Regional Office and should be brought to the attention of the Veterans Affairs Office so the change can be reported. A VA form 22-1995 (veteran) or 22-5495 (dependant) is necessary when the following changes occur. These forms can be downloaded from the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Changes During Enrollment

The most common changes include the following:

  • Change of address. If you should move during your enrollment at GSW, you will need to change your address with the VA Regional Office updated on the Veteran’s Benefits form as well as the university. Changing your address with only one of these will not automatically change your address with the other. A change of address can be called into the VA Regional Office at 877-838-2778.
  • Change in major. Should you decide to change your major you should be aware you must submit a Major/Advisor change form to the Registrar’s Office and you must complete VA form 22-1995 (veteran) or 22-5495 (dependant) and submit it to the Certifying Official.
  • Change in credit hours. This occurs when you drop a class(es) or are dropped from a class(es) by the Registrar. Any changes in your schedule will potentially affect your monthly payments from the VA and may result in an overpayment which would need to be repaid. In order to avoid this type of overpayment, you should submit your Veteran’s Benefits form after you have finalized your schedule.
  • Withdrawal from class(es). VA does not pay for withdrawal of a course(s) unless there are mitigating circumstances involved. Should it become necessary for you to withdraw from class(es), you should contact the Veterans Certifying Official immediately. A withdrawal/drop will get reported whether or not you notify the Certifying Official! If you are called to active duty, please bring a copy of your orders to the Registrar.
  • Anticipated change in place of training. Should you change your place of training it is necessary to complete a VA Form 22-1995 (veteran) or a VA form 22-5495 (dependant). Failure to report changes is the primary cause for delays in the delivery of your educational checks and occurrences of overpayment.

VA Forms

All Forms can be found at the Department of Veterans Affairs. Please verify that you are filling out the correct form and submitting to the proper office upon completion.