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Chemistry Courses Offered by Term



Term Offered

CHEM 1151 Survey of Chemistry I

CHEM 1151L Survey of Chemistry I Laboratory Fall

CHEM 1152 Survey of Chemistry II

CHEM 1152L Survey of Chemistry II Laboratory Spring

CHEM 1211 Principles of Chemistry I

Fall, Spring
CHEM 1211L Principles of Chemistry I Laboratory Fall, Spring
CHEM1212 Principles of Chemistry II Fall, Spring
CHEM 1212L Principles of Chemistry II Laboratory Fall, Spring

CHEM 3100 Chemical Literature

Fall, Spring
CHEM 3301 Organic Chemistry I Fall
CHEM 3301L Organic Chemistry I Laboratory Fall
CHEM 3302 Organic Chemistry II Spring
CHEM 3302L Organic Chemistry II Laboratory Spring
CHEM 3250 Quantitative Analysis Fall
CHEM 3250L Quantitative Analysis Laboratory Fall
CHEM 3310 Inorganic Chemistry Spring
CHEM 3310L Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory Spring
CHEM 3320 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry Fall
CHEM 4100K Forensic Chemistry NEW TBD
CHEM 4410 Biochemistry Fall
CHEM 4410L Biochemistry Laboratory Fall
CHEM 4420 Advanced Biochemistry Spring
CHEM 4401 Physical Chemistry I Fall
CHEM 4401L Physical Chemistry Laboratory Fall
CHEM 4402 Physical Chemistry II Spring
CHEM 4402L Physical Chemistry II Laboratory Spring
CHEM 4410 Biochemistry: Proteins, Lipids, Carbohydrates Fall
CHEM 4420 Biochemistry: Nucleic Acids Spring
CHEM 4430 Introduction to Bioinformatics (Online) Mayterm
CHEM 4450 Instrumental Analysis Spring
CHEM 4450L Instrumental Analysis Laboratory Spring
CHEM 4460 Chemistry Internship By Arrangement
CHEM 4350 Molecular Modeling Spring
CHEM 4470 Special Problems By Arrangement
CHEM 4491 Senior Seminar I Fall
CHEM 4492 Senior Seminar II Spring


Note: This two year schedule shows a list of planned courses and as such is subject to change. At its sole discretion, the University may revise this schedule and any information contained herein, without advance notice. No contract, either expressly or implied, is created by this schedule.

Other Courses Offered by the Department

Courses Offered
GEOL 1121K Introductory Geosciences I
GEOL 1122K Introductory Geosciences II
GEOL 1221 Solar System Exploration
GEOL 1142 Geology of Georgia
ENGR 1203 Engineering Graphics
ENGR 2002 Engineering Statics
PHYS 1100 Introduction to Engineering
PHYS 1111K Introduction to Physics I
PHYS 1112K Introduction to Physics II
PHYS 1222 Stellar Astronomy
PHYS 2211K Principles of Physics I
PHYS 2212K Principles of Physics II
PHYS 2025 Introduction to Signal Processing
PHYS 2213 Modern Physics
PHYS 3322 Thermodynamics


**Please check the course schedule in RAIN as these courses are not always offered by semester.