Certificate in Pop Music

The Pop Music Certificate is an online program that allows students the opportunity to study music beyond traditional Art music, and provides online students the opportunity to participate in a certificate program. The certificate is open to all students, regardless of major, and may be used in the place of a minor. The program does not require co- requisites or prerequisites, students may begin the certificate any semester, and it may be completed in three semesters.


Undergraduate Certificate

Pop Music

Mark Laughlin, Department Chair


Faculty & Staff

Required Courses for Pop Music Certificate (15-18 credit hours)

Course Course Title
MUSC 3131 Pop Music & Culture
MUSC 1150 History of Rock and Roll
MUSC 3020 Music in Film
MUSC 3190 Music History: American Music
MUSC 4114 Video Game Music
MUSC 4242 History of Jazz
MUSC 4900 Special Topics in Music