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Concentration in

Drawing & Painting

Drawing is the fundamental language of the visual arts. It is the way we record observations, plan projects in all other media and graphically "think". Learning to draw is really learning to see. The basic skills focus on methods of graphically visualizing using a variety of traditional and non-traditional materials and methods.

Drawing foundation courses are geared to introduce fundamentals regardless of students' initial abilities. Still life, architecture, landscape and figure drawing are explored along with development of problem solving skills and personal concept. Advanced courses emphasize further enhancing skills while encouraging individually directed ideas using various drawing methods.

Studio & Facilities

All art students take beginning painting. Due to our small class size, each student is assigned a personal studio area with 24/7 access. The course is designed to introduce techniques and exploration of oil painting, wood shop tool use and stretcher construction, and builds on the color theory/application from 2-d Design. Oil paint is emphasized to not only allow students to explore this medium, but also as an avenue towards deepening appreciation of its use during the history of Western art. Beginning students are directed to utilize self-generated ideas and concepts while learning basic techniques and skills.

Intermediate and advanced courses focus on personal concept development and experimentation with a wide variety of paints (oils, acrylics, etc), formats and mixed mediums.