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Mend Exhibition

Over the summer of 2020, Maya Wynn, a Furlow Charter School senior who developed the idea for this book, asked if the Digital Arts classes here at GSW would be willing to participate in her high school capstone project.

The goal was to collect the work of young artists across the nation and globe, and celebrate their accomplishments along with the teachers that helped them during the pandemic. We agreed that the students from my Digital Arts courses would help by designing, Mend, a book where these works could be archived, and in an online exhibition, which is what you’re looking at now.

This book and exhibition represent the collected efforts of students and teachers on four continents and more than a dozen schools within the United States. It is meant to function as a time capsule, arresting some of the most hopeful moments that, more often than not, felt hopeless.

It is our hope that as you spend time with, you are reminded of the impulses that shown brightest in the midst of such overwhelming darkness

-Justin Hodges

Allatoona Highschool, Pennsylvania, US

Central High School, Georgia, US

Dongwan Town Primary School, China

Gainesville High School, Georgia, US

Oakland Elementary School, Georgia, US