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Concentration in


For centuries, fire has brought people together, and since the 1960's Georgia Southwestern has continued to embrace the craftsmanship. Our concentration in glass blowing provides students with a skill in producing various pieces of glasswork and allows opportunities for coming together with the community with local partnerships. GSW also continues to remain the only public university in the state of Georgia with a glassblowing program.

Glass students are challenged to understand historical and contemporary art issues with emphasis placed on the development of personal expression, conceptual exploration, and craftsmanship. Instruction focuses on glassblowing, casting, fusing, and mixed media assemblage. Americus is home to the annual Hot Glass and Craft Beer Festival, and Georgia Southwestern is an annual sponsor. Glass students often participate in the live demonstrations of creating pieces from molten glass in front of attendees. Breweries and visitors travel from all over the state to enjoy the artistry in the creation of both blown glass and craft beer.

Facility & Equipment

Hot shop equipped with:
  • 3 glory holes
  • Annealers
    • 4 large
    • 2 medium
    • 2 small
  • 300 lb. furnace
  • 4-pot color furnace
  • garage

Cold shop equipped with:

  • Lap wheel
  • Diamond saw
  • Wet sander
  • Wet drill press

Only Glass Program in Georgia

Georgia Southwestern offers the only glass program in the state of Georgia. Students of all art majors are able to take the foundations course for exposure.