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Steppingblocks Graduate Insights

Georgia Southwestern now offers advisors and administrators access to Graduate Insights through Steppingblocks, an additional resource that provides insight about alumni placement. This application gives users a variety of data such as major trends, top employers of graduates, top positions held by graduates, and high-demand skills.



Benefits of Graduate Outcomes

Reports offered by Graduate Outcomes and the Graduate Explorer offer users a variety of data concerning alumni. Using data specific to Georgia Southwestern graduates,

  • Learn about the career outcomes of your alumni, and use the filters to answer specific questions.
  • Compare industry trends of the companies your graduates work for.
  • Learn the skills that occur most frequently among these alumni compared to national averages.
  • See how other GSW graduates are performing with data such as salary, common careers, and frequent jobs titles.

Career Readiness

Graduate Outcomes

Department of First-Year Experience and Student Success


Interested in Graduate Reports?
To access the database of alumni details, please email with subject "Graduate Insights" to request access.