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Postal Services

The GSW Contract Postal Unit offers mailing services open to the faculty, staff, and students, as well as the public. Customers may purchase stamps, money orders, domestic and international mailing. Students may receive mail from USPS, UPS, FedEx (Ground & Express), and DHL.

Every student living in the Residence Halls will be assigned a mailbox during the first week of their first semester. The address will be as follows:

(Student's Name)
GSW Box (4-digits)
800 GSW State Univ Dr
Americus, GA 31709-4376 

  • All incoming mail must have the student's name or it will be returned to sender. (Mail using the names of parents, siblings, friends, etc. will be returned.)
  • The address is a GSW Box, using PO Box may cause delays or prevent your package from reaching you.
  • Your GSW box assignment must be picked up at the retail window with a photo id. The student retain this same mailbox every semester as long as he/she continuously lives on campus.
  • Students may submit a forwarding request form if he/she will no longer be living on campus. We also offer temporary forwarding for summers or semester breaks.
  • Without a forwarding request, all mail will be returned to sender, and processed according to the rules and regulations of the United States Postal Service. In addition, UPS, FedEx and DHL cannot be forwarded. Any packages received for students who no longer live on campus will be refused and returned to sender.
Mail Forwarding


Office of Postal Services

Marshall Student Center


Monday – Friday 9:30am – 4:00pm Retail Hours, Monday - Sunday: 6:00am - 9:00pm Lobby Hours


Shipping Resources

All outgoing letters and parcels must be properly addressed and sealed. All parcels must have a valid return address. We would be happy to measure and/or weigh any letter or parcel during retail hours to ensure proper postage. We also offer USPS packaging products such as:

  • Stamps
  • Priority Mail Express flat rate envelopes
  • Priority envelopes
  • Flat rate boxes
  • Regional envelopes
  • Regional boxes

Other Packing Supplies

We do not offer non-USPS packing supplies (manila envelopes, packing tape, etc). These items are available at the GSW Campus Bookstore which is located next door to the GSW Post Office.


When is incoming mail received?

Incoming mail will be sorted into GSW Boxes by 1pm daily. Parcels may be picked up at the Post Office window during retail hours.

When is the outgoing mail deadline?

Monday - Friday: 4:00pm; Saturday & Sunday the Post Office is closed

Will I be notified if I receive a package?

Upon arrival the packages will be scanned, the student will receive an email notification of arrival, and a notice will be placed in the student's mailbox. The student must bring this pickup notice to the GSW Post Office window during retail hours to pick up packages.

There may be a delay between the email notification, and the pickup notice. Emails are automatically sent out via our tracking system upon scanning, but the packages are not available for pickup until all processing is complete.

What happens if I forget my combination?

Contact the Office of Postal Services to get your combination again.

Leaving for the summer or graduating? Complete the Mail Forwarding form to make sure you receive all mail items.