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Email Distribution List Policy & Guidelines (Faculty/Staff)

Distribution Lists

The email distribution lists covered in this policy include the following:

    • All GSW faculty and staff; Owned by the Department of University Relations
    • All GSW faculty only; Owned by the Division of Academic Affairs
    • All GSW staff only; Owned by the Department of University Relations
    • All GSW students; Owned by the Division of Student Engagement and Success

These email distribution lists are provided as a service of Georgia Southwestern. The University is not responsible for the opinions and information shared through these lists by others.

Please note who may send to the following listservs:

  •,, &
    • Any faculty or staff member may send to these listservs.
    • Emails will go through the approval process in University Relations.
    • It is advised to send emails during normal business hours for quicker approval, unless it can wait until the next business day.
    • There are a limited number of GSW employees and organizations who have access to send to the student listserv. If you need to disseminate information to the student body, please ask a representative from one of the areas below to send on your behalf as it relates to your information.
      • Academic Affairs
      • Experiential Learning
      • First-Year Experience
      • Student Engagement and Success
      • University Relations

By sending an email to any of the above distribution lists, you agree that you have read and will follow these guidelines:

  1. Email distribution lists are used for the one-way distribution of information.
  2. The email distribution lists may not be used to promote any event other than a GSW-sanctioned event.
  3. The email distribution lists may not be utilized for advertising purposes, to promote or sell any product or service other than for official GSW business.
  4. Only send a message to an entire list when it contains information that is beneficial to everyone on the list.
  5. List users are asked to place their own email address in the “TO” line while including the distribution list address in the “BCC” line.
  6. Properly identify who you are emailing in the greeting (ex: “GSW faculty and staff” or “GSW students”) so the recipients are aware who is receiving the email.
  7. State the topic of your comments concisely and clearly in the subject line. This makes it easier for members to search the archives by subject.
  8. Do not use “Reply All.”
  9. Do not send personal messages to the entire list.
  10. Non-departmental advertisements and solicitations for funds from GSW-affiliated organizations are limited to two campus-wide announcements.
  11. All defamatory, abusive, profane, threatening, offensive, or illegal materials are strictly prohibited.
  12. Include an email signature on all emails which contains your name, title, and e-mail address. GSW email signature templates can be found in the GSW Style Guide.
  13. Respect the security of the email distribution lists. Do not send or propagate messages that contain computer viruses or components that threaten to interfere with or compromise the integrity of our system.

* The Email Distribution List Policy and Procedures are subject to change at any time. Circumstances not covered in these guidelines will be addressed individually by the Office of University Relations.

Approved by Executive Council on January 30, 2023.