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GeorgiaVIEW Technical Support Standard

Instructional Technology will provide technical support to Faculty and Staff members who wish to use GeorgiaVIEW and GoVIEW (Brightspace by D2L) LMS.

Each semester GeorgiaVIEW and GoVIEW will automatically create a section for every instructor who is teaching a course. This is true for in-class and on-line courses. This will make it possible for instructors who are not teaching on-line courses to use GeorgiaView as a supplement to their traditional classes.

It is the faculty members’ responsibility to set up and maintain their courses. This includes but is not limited to: putting up course content, creating quizzes, assignments, and posting other instructional material. Instructional Technology will work with faculty members to ensure that they have the ability to perform these duties. Instructional Technology will also provide one-on-one training as needed.

Instructional Technology offers workshops on GeorgiaVIEW and GoVIEW every semester. These workshops cover the various tools available to help organize and manage a course, including content transfer, quiz management, posting course materials, managing students and use of the grade book. Participants are welcome to bring any items they need incorporated into their courses.

Support for GeorgiaVIEW and GoVIEW is available on a 24x7 basis via the D2L Help Center. This link is available on the GeorgiaVIEW Help page. This Center is designed to answer all of the questions regarding GeorgiaVIEW from a Designer, Instructor, or Student perspective. This service can be accessed anytime, from anywhere. The Help Center also has an extensive knowledge base that offers information and solutions for commonly asked questions or frequent problems encountered by GeorgiaVIEW and GoVIEW users.

The GSW GeorgiaVIEW webpage has a number of resources available for faculty and students including:

Instructional Technology offers technical support by phone and email and will work with faculty members to resolve any problems they encounter with GeorgiaVIEW and GoVIEW. The contact information is as follows:

Contact: Alla Yemelyanov

Phone: 229-931-2969 or 229-931-2074