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VPN Account Management Standard

GSW VPN (Virtual Private Network) access accounts may be obtained by employees and contractors of GSW by filling out and submitting the Georgia Southwestern State University Virtual Private Network (VPN) Usage Standard. Once the completed form is received it is subject to approval by the IIT Director or his/her designee.

Upon approval a VPN account will be created for the requesting person. The requesting person will then be notified that the account has been created and given connection instructions and login credentials. The login credentials will not be sent via e-mail or other electronic messaging. Employees of GSW will be instructed to use their active directory credentials, whose life-cycles are governed by GSW’s Password Security Standard, which meets or exceeds the Board of Regents Information Technology Handbook, Section 5.8 Password Security Standard. Persons not employed directly by GSW will be given login credentials verbally, in person or via telephone call.

VPN accounts are subject to suspension or termination if at any time it is discovered that the account is being used in a manner which violates the Virtual Private Network (VPN) Usage Policy.

VPN accounts are suspended or terminated under the following conditions:

  • Receipt of a Personnel Action Notice (PAN) indicating a termination, which requires the immediate suspension or termination of the VPN account.
  • Receipt of a PAN indicating a change of job title, which requires adjustments to the employee’s privileges as is appropriate for the new job title and may indicate that VPN access is no longer required by the employee.
  • During the annual firewall audit as described in the Firewall Audit Standard, a VPN account is found which is no longer valid but has not yet been removed.