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Matthew Busby

Matthew Busby


Hometown: Blakely, Georgia

Major: Senior biology major

Graduating: Spring 2024

Why did you choose to attend GSW?
I initially chose GSW because of its affordability and closeness to home. However, I found that GSW was the right place for me due to the tight-knit community that exists here which made me feel at home.

Please list your University highlights, achievements, leadership and awards.

  • Chi Phi Fraternity, 4 years
  • Gamma Beta Phi Honor Society, 4 years
  • Tutor, 2 years
  • 2022 Outstanding Tutor of the Year
  • First Place Oral Presentation in GSW's 2023 Undergraduate Research Symposium (with Arul Thason)
  • President's List, 7 semesters
  • Academic Achievement List, 2 semesters

Are you currently receiving any GSW scholarships? If so, which one(s)?
Yes, I am receiving the Charles F. Crisp Scholarship.

What makes GSW special?
I feel the people here make it special. GSW is not too big or too small, so you’re able to interact with many different people and build your own family.

What is your favorite memory or experience you’ve had at GSW?
My favorite memory is when I first met my Chi Phi fraternity brothers on freshman Move-In Day. I clicked so well with them, and they were extremely welcoming. I am very grateful I found a great group of people so early in college.

What have your learned (or are learning) that has made the biggest difference for you?
One thing I am continuing to learn is to not take life too seriously. We all go through hardships in life, and I was hit with a couple that I had never experienced before while in college. These experiences have helped me grow as a person and shift my focus to what’s more important in my life.   

What advice do you have for incoming students?
Have fun and enjoy yourselves! Don’t neglect your studies, but you need to learn to put yourself first sometimes. These next few years fly by very quickly, and for many, this is the last stop before fully entering the workforce. Therefore, enjoy these last few years before everything has to get serious.

Why did you choose your major?
I chose my major when I was a sophomore in high school taking biology. Aside from having a great teacher who made the subject interesting and fun, I was and continue to be amazed by how complex chemical and physical processes allow life to exist. Learning different subjects within biology has given me much appreciation and respect for all living things.

What is your favorite series to binge watch? Why?
My favorite series to binge watch would have to be Friends. I honestly didn’t fall in love with the series until I got to college and one of my best friends sat me down and made me watch it from start to finish. The series is so light-hearted and funny, and it always manages to cheer me up on my bad days.

Posted January 4, 2024