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Margaret Levie

Meg Levie

Early Childhood Education

Hometown: Montezuma, Georgia

Major: Senior Early Childhood Education major

Anticipated graduation date: May 2021

Why did you choose to attend GSW?
I chose to attend GSW because of the new Friday-only program that the College of Education offers. This program allowed me to have the flexibility of being able to continue working and attend classes only on Fridays. This program was a dream opportunity that allowed me to further my education and build a career that I loved.

What would people be surprised to know about you?
I was born in Guam and have also lived in Saudi Arabia. While in Saudi Arabia, I attended an international elementary school which really sparked my love for all cultures and people. One of my favorite childhood memories was traveling to Austria and seeing where my favorite movie, The Sound of Music, was made.

What makes GSW special?
GSW is special because the students are given an excellent education within a friendly, hometown campus atmosphere. Everyone on campus is extremely helpful and has given me the feeling that they genuinely want me to succeed. The professors know their students by name and are always available for questions or additional help. The Friday-only program that the College of Education offers is just another example of how GSW finds a way to meet us where we're at.

What are some of the challenges and/or perks of online learning?
Online learning has both advantages and disadvantages. This past year has proven to be difficult for so many people through job loss or even just through an altered routine, so I'm just thankful for the opportunity and flexibility of online learning. I have a family and work full-time, so I love being able to work virtually at my own pace. During the virtual learning times, meeting through Microsoft Teams with my professors and peers was nice and provided a little bit of normalcy. I had a few glitches with my microphone and camera but no huge issues. I did miss seeing everyone and hearing about their experiences and doing group work. Throughout the COVID issues of 2020 and online learning, I just tried to keep a mindset of always being thankful because there were people with far bigger worries and struggles than my few computer issues. Thank you to GSW for keeping us moving right along! 

What advice do you have for incoming students?
My advice for incoming students is to never give up. Everybody's road map looks different, just enjoy your time. It's not where you start, but where you finish. 

What is your favorite vacation spot or a memorable trip you’ve taken?
My favorite vacation spot is Yellowstone National Park. I worked at Yellowstone for a summer when I was 20 and loved every minute. One of my good friends and I worked in a restaurant in Grant Village during the summer and had an unforgettable experience. We hiked, camped, explored the Grand Tetons, took numerous trips to Jackson, Wyoming and met people from all over the world. Yellowstone is a place like no other with geysers, waterfalls, mountains, and wildlife galore. My family and I are planning a trip back to Yellowstone and I can't wait!