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In an effort to provide top-notch business education, the College of Business and Computing desires to provide our qualified students outstanding internship opportunities by partnering with local businesses. We thank you for your contribution to this endeavor. Students should be provided a meaningful and memorable internship experience and are prepared to approximately 15 hours per week. Responsibilities should be challenging, stimulating, and provide the student with the opportunity to make a contribution to the company. An ideal arrangement would be assigning students a challenging project that aligns with the student's chosen major, such as developing or refining some sort of system, analytical tool, policies and procedures, a manual, or alternative methodology for the company. Opportunities to help management make decisions, research opportunities, solve problems, and provide important recommendations are most desirable. Employers are asked to work closely with our students by providing open communication, coaching, and frank feedback on student performance. Students will be asked to prepare a written report for a faculty member at GSW and you will be asked to provide feedback to the College of Business and Computing as well.

Our intern selection procedure is as follows: A committee of faculty will choose 2 or 3 finalists for the company to interview or if the company so desires we will make a selection.

Do you want more information for interns?

Please email Dr. Robert Bennett, with information on internship duties proposed and intern qualifications needed to get started on filling your internship needs. We are currently partnering with many businesses in the region to ensure great internships for both the student and employer.

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There are countless internships you can apply for and receive school credit by contacting either Dr. Robert Bennett, (business students), or Dr. Shannon Perry, (CS/IT students) prior. Once the internship has been approved it's up to you. Below are links with countless internship opportunities within the state of Georgia. All you need to do is follow the link and apply online following their instructions.