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Tips for Success with GeorgiaVIEW

Username and Password

  • Use your CanesNet Credentials when logging into GeorgiaVIEW. Make sure to include your full username: the entire GSW Radar email address, for example,
  • Your GaVIEW password is your CanesNet password
  • Before logging in to GeorgiaVIEW/GoVIEW, new students must complete the following:

    1. Log in to your GSW Radar Email Account via
    2. Change your password after using your initial, temporary password to log in. More info can be found at Email Services.
    3. Set up your Multi-factor Authentication method. 

    Then, students will be able to login to all of GSW’s IT systems, reset their password (if needed), etc.

Course Availability

  • Most courses will not be available until the first day of classes.
    • If you are having problems with seeing or accessing your courses when the classes start, contact GeorgiaVIEW Help at
  • Your courses should be available the same day or the next day after your register for the courses.

Technical Tips

  • Browsers:
    • Preferred web browsers for GeorgiaVIEW are the latest versions of Firefox and Google Chrome. Edge is supported. Internet Explorer not recommended and not supported. 
  • Clear your web browser cache and cookies regularly, especially before starting quizzes
  • For best results, especially when submitting assignments and quizzes, use a fast, reliable, hard-wired Internet connection.

Course Work

  • Compose assignments using software such as Microsoft Word, then copy and paste the text or attach the document to the assignment. If you attempt to write a lengthy paper within the Dropbox tool you may time out and lose your work. Lost compositions are NOT recoverable.
  • To minimize issues while taking a quiz, be sure that you do the following:
    • Clear your browser's cache and cookies before starting a quiz
    • Close any applications that are not necessary for taking your quiz
    • Open only one browser window or session when taking a quiz
    • Complete the quiz in a timely manner to avoid timing out. Submit your work well before deadlines
    • Save each quiz response as you answer it
    • Do not try to save all responses individually at the end of the quiz. Saving too many responses at once may cause your quiz to freeze and fail to save the responses.

Guides for Students to Switch to Online Learning

Keep Learning USG

Turnitin Feedback Studio and Peer Review

Turning Technologies


Office of Information & Instructional Technology

Morgan Hall


GeorgiaVIEW / GoVIEW Help

Student Using Laptop

Campus Technology

Our technology services assist with a variety of technology issues and troubleshooting across the GSW campus as well as providing email services, computer labs, and access to online classes.

Student Using Laptop

Writing Center

Staffed by undergraduate students in majors such as English, History, Political Science, and Accounting, Writing Consultants work with students on their writing projects.

Student Using Laptop

Tutoring and Supplemental Instruction

Peer tutoring and supplemental instruction, offered in-person or online, provides students with an additional opportunity to receive extra assistance in challenging courses.