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Student Health & Counseling Services

Georgia Southwestern in dedicated to providing Health and Counseling Services to all students and GSW community members. We aim to advance the health of students by providing a spectrum of cost effective services. Our Health Services are committed to providing a variety of resources aimed for complete well-being of students.


Herschel A. Smith Health Clinic

Counseling Services

Georgia Southwestern is dedicated to ensuring every student has access to support whenever and wherever they need it.

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Office of Student Health & Counseling Services

Herschel A. Smith Health Clinic

229-931-2708 counseling center
229-931-2235 health center

Always here for you

Students have access to a variety of well-being resources through our initiative Care@GSW


About Emails
The mission of the Georgia Southwestern State University Counseling Center is to enhance the academic and personal experience and success of all students by providing a variety of counseling services to students and the greater campus community. The Counseling Center accomplishes its mission by offering services that facilitate students' personal development; assisting in the alleviation, remediation, and prevention of distress; as well as providing services that educate students in ways that develop self-awareness, self-reliance, and self-confidence. These services are offered with respect for others, appreciation of individual differences, and compassion.

Your Counseling Center records are protected by federal and state laws and by professional standards and ethics. Clinical records are completely separate from educational records and cannot be accessed by parents, faculty, staff, administrators or others without your written permission or court order.  Clients and client information may be discussed by staff within the center for treatment, administrative, supervisory, and training purposes.  Please note, there are some situations when all mental health professionals are legally mandated to break confidentiality. 

Release of information outside of the Georgia Southwestern State University Counseling Center requires your written permission with the following EXCEPTIONS:

  • You are considered at immediate risk for harming yourself 
  • You are considered at immediate risk for harming others 
  • Previous or current child abuse
  • Abuse of elderly persons or persons with disabilities
  • A court order

We may be required to disclose your health information to authorized federal officials who are conducting national security and intelligence activities or providing protective services to important officials.  By law, we may be restricted from disclosing to you that information was disclosed to the government (e.g., Patriot Act).

E-mail is not an appropriate medium for engaging in personal counseling and relaying other private information. Thus, e-mail cannot be used to initiate therapeutic conversations. Unfortunately, e-mail is not always confidential and cannot be guaranteed to be an effective or timely means of communication. The Counseling Center does not communicate confidential information by e-mail. E-mail is only used for scheduling purposes. If you are in an urgent situation, it is always best to call the main number for the Counseling Center (229)-931-2708 for assistance, or call 911 in an emergency.

Need to talk to someone?

The center operates on an open door policy. However, appointments are accepted.  Please indicate if the situation is an emergency.  If you are not sure about the appropriateness of a referral, call the center at 229-931-2708 for a consultation.
Care@GSW encompasses a number of programs and resources that work together to foster an environment for student success.
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