Take Your Well-Being by Storm!

Georgia Southwestern promotes a culture and environment of well-being. We strive to create a comprehensive approach to achieving well-being that engages and empowers the entire campus community.

Because your health is so important to us, we have partnered with Board of Regents and BCBSGa to provide wellness benefits and health care support when you need it. Take advantage of these programs to keep you and your family healthy throughout the year:

  • Preventive exams – covered under the health care plans at 100%! Take action and proactively manage your health before a serious medical condition occurs.
  • On-line health risk assessment – measures how well you are doing managing your health, on-line health and wellness information, discounts on health-related products and alternative medicine therapies available on-line at
  • Various lifestyle tips and information about items such as health management, stress management, and financial well-being.
  • Health support programs for employees with on-going conditions or for those coping with a serious illness. These programs provide you with information about your condition and help you keep on schedule with doctors visits and medications.
  • USG seeks to improve well-being by providing opportunities and resources to enhance health and wellness with healthy habits.
  • Free Recreation and Wellness memberships for Employees along with frequent health events to involve yourself.

Online Resources

OneUSG Connect Benefits

USG Well-Being Portal

USG Well-being


Department of Human Resources

Marshall Student Center

Gena Wilson
(229) 931-2026

Monday – Friday: 8:00am – 5:00pm

Our Staff

Interested in Joining the
well-being committee?

Contact for more information.


Earn $100 Credit for a Healthy Lifestyle

Better health is rewarding — in more ways than one. In addition to helping you develop healthy habits, employees and spouses on a USG healthcare plan can earn up to a $100 well-being credit for participating in USG Well-being.

All eligible activities are listed on the well-being website. While you can participate in activities year-round, you have until Sept. 30, 2019, to earn the $100 credit.

The credit is a monetary reward for completing any of the listed healthy activities. Employees and spouses on a USG healthcare plan can earn up to a $100 well-being credit by completing these activities by Sept. 30. It is taxable income and will apply to your last paycheck in November. Questions or concerns about your credit? You are welcome to email USG Well-being at or call our USG Well-being vendor (RedBrick Health) customer service team at 1-833-724-4874.

Visit to get started today.


How can I earn the $100 credit?

Eligible employees and spouses can complete a number of healthy activities to earn a well-being credit of up to $100. Visit to see what healthy activities you can complete today.

Where can I see the progress of my well-being credit?

Employees can access the well-being credit website through OneUSG Connect Benefits or through

What is the deadline for earning the credit?

The well-being credit can be earned from January 1 - September 30.

How do I receive the credit?

The well-being credit is added on to the employee's last November paycheck. If an eligible spouse earned a credit, theirs will also be reflected on the employee's same November paycheck.

Tobacco Cessation Information

In March 2014, the Board of Regents adopted to make USG 100% tobacco and smoke-free effective October 1, 2014. More details can be found in the Tobacco and Smoke-free Campus Policy.

"Tobacco Products" are defined as cigarettes, cigars, pipes, all forms of smokeless tobacco, clove cigarettes and any other smoking devices that use tobacco, such as hookahs, or simulate the use of tobacco, such as electronic cigarettes. The USG hopes you enjoy the healthier environment we’re creating for you and visitors to our campuses and facilities.

Visit the USG Tobacco & Smoke Free website today for more resources and information regarding tobacco and smoking cessation.  

If you have more questions, please contact

Enjoy group fitness classes on campus throughout the week. Taught by certified group fitness instructors, classes are designed for all fitness levels and range from yoga to boxing.

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