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GeorgiaVIEW shifting to multifactor authentication ahead of Fall semester

On August 18, 2021, Georgia Southwestern's Office of Information and Instructional Technology will implement multifactor authentication (MFA) on GeorgiaVIEW Brightspace. Below are the highlights of the changes faculty, staff, and students will encounter associated along with this migration.

Why is this changing?

  • MFA in GeorgiaVIEW is required by the University of Georgia System security standards.

Who will this impact?

  • Anyone logging into GeorgiaVIEW Brightspace (faculty, staff, and students)

What is changing?

  • The MFA sign on experience will be identical to our GSW O365 email login.
  • Faculty and staff will have to MFA every time they log in to GeorgiaVIEW.
  • Students will have to MFA when they access GeorgiaVIEW from their personal devices
    • Students will be exempted from MFA when they are on designated classroom lab computers.

What is NOT changing?

  • Neither facstaff nor student account usernames or passwords will be changed with this update.
  • GoVIEW will NOT be altered in this update. This applies ONLY to GeorgiaVIEW.

Please note: If faculty, staff, or students can log into their GSW email account, they will be able to access GeorgiaVIEW with the same credentials and multifactor information.

If you have questions about this upcoming change, please contact the Office of Information and Instructional Technology at or 229-931-2074.