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GSW Carter Leadership students immersed in history at Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum in Atlanta

AMERICUS, GA (April 16, 2024) – Students from Georgia Southwestern State University’s President Jimmy Carter Leadership Program (PJCLP) recently visited the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum in Atlanta, Ga. The excursion provided a unique opportunity for the students to gain insights into the impactful leadership and humanitarian efforts of former President Carter and former First Lady Rosalynn Carter. 

Before entering the museum, the PJCLP students had the privilege of meeting Hubert "Herky" Harris, who served as the assistant director of the Office of Management and Budget during President Carter's administration. Harris, currently the owner of Harris Plantation, Inc., graciously shared valuable perspectives and many captivating stories from his time working alongside President Carter, offering insights into business, leadership, politics, people and life.

“Hearing Mr. Harris’ insight into what it was actually like to work in the White House and alongside President Carter was enlightening,” said Dre’a Singleton, senior PJCLP member.  “In addition to the fellowship with my peers, the discussion was by far the highlight of the trip.”

Upon entering the museum, the students were captivated by the extensive collection of artifacts documenting the lives and achievements of Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter. From personal mementos to significant historical items, the exhibits offered a comprehensive overview of the Carters' journey from their early days to their enduring commitment to public service.

Highlights of the museum tour included a life-size replica of the Oval Office, allowing the students to envision themselves in the shoes of the former President. The cabin-style exhibit detailing the pivotal Camp David Meetings provided invaluable insights into President Carter's diplomatic efforts in resolving international conflicts. The interactive map table also offered a dynamic experience, enabling the students to follow the Carters' journey as they monitored elections and spearheaded initiatives to combat diseases worldwide.

One of the most moving moments for the students was the opportunity to view Rosalynn Carter's report card from her time at Georgia Southwestern College, as it was known in 1946. It pointed out the impact a GSW alumni can have on the world, underscoring the importance of education and lifelong learning in the Carters' lives.

Overall, the trip to the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum was an enriching experience for the PJCLP students, offering a profound appreciation for the enduring legacy of leadership, compassion, and service exemplified by President Jimmy Carter and First Lady Rosalynn Carter.