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DegreeWorks is a web-based tool to help students and advisors monitor a student's progress toward their degree completion.

DegreeWorks combines the Georgia Southwestern's degree requirements and the coursework completed into an easy-to-read worksheet that helps students see how courses completed count toward degree requirements, and that helps to see what courses and requirements still need to be completed. This system is designed to aid and facilitate academic advising, but is not intended to replace in-person advising sessions. 

The degree compliance audits produced by DegreeWorks are dependent on a student’s major/concentration. Data is extracted from RAIN into DegreeWorks on a nightly basis. Any change to the student's record in the Student Information System will not be reflected in DegreeWorks until the next day.

Students who have not specified a major or are considering changing majors may use the “What-If option” and select an anticipated major from the drop-down list to see how courses will fit into the chosen major, minor, or concentration.

Access DegreeWorks

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What DegreeWorks Shows

DegreeWorks provides an electronic audit of your progress toward a specific degree. The audit will report and track:

  • Courses and credit hours earned as applied toward your degree program
  • Catalog requirements in effect when you choose a major, minor, or concentration
  • All requirements necessary to receive a specific degree
  • Transfer, AP, IB, and CLEP credits used to satisfy degree requirements
  • Courses for which you are currently registered (listed as in-progress or 'IP')
  • Courses that do not apply to specific degree requirements, but do apply toward overall earned hours and cumulative GPA


How current is my information in GSW DegreeWorks?

The information in GSW DegreeWorks is refreshed nightly. Any changes made will be seen in GSW DegreeWorks the next day.

Do I still need to meet with my advisor?

YES! GSW DegreeWorks does not take the place of your advisor. You should always review your DegreeWorks audit prior to meeting with an advisor, preparing any questions you may have regarding your requirements. Your academic advisor will use the GSW DegreeWorks report in the process of advising you about your program.

I have seen the @ symbol in several places on my worksheet. What does this mean?

This is a "wild card" in DegreeWorks.  If the @ sign appears after a subject prefix (i.e., MATH @), it means you can take any math course.  If the @ sign has a number before it, such as MATH 2@, you can take any 2000-level math course.  If you see "@ @", that means any course subject at any level can be taken.  This would be true for courses used to meet a Free Elective requirement.