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Registration for Current Students

Continuing students have the ability to register for classes online using RAIN. Students should talk with their advisors about staying on track for graduation using their degree specific Storm Track, Curriculum, and DegreeWorks account as guidance.

Transient students are not eligible for online, self-service registration.

Students should meet with their advisors for guidance if they are unsure of degree requirements. Students are responsible for their registration and are expected to choose courses that are listed on their DegreeWorks audit found within RAIN. Advisors have posted office hours and students should make appointments during those hours if they need assistance.

Student Resources

Schedule of Classes

Storm Tracks

FAFSA Application

It's important that you have everything in order before registering. Please see the checklist below to be sure you have taken care of so your registration process will run smoothly.

Registration Checklist

3 Weeks Before Registration (October 4-8)

  • Check any holds on your RAIN account and resolve them.
  • Check Degree Works in your RAIN account to see which classes you need to register for.
  • It's time to begin working on your 2022-23 FAFSA, which is needed beginning Fall 2022.
  • Check your assigned time for registration in RAIN.

2 Weeks Before Registration (October 11-15)

  • Make an appointment with your academic advisor. Find your advisor within RAIN.
  • Look over the Class Schedule and create a priority registration list before you visit with your advisor.

1 Week Before Registration (October 18-22)

  • Review the checklist items above.
    • Have you cleared any holds on your account?
    • Havyou met with your advisor?
    • Have you confirmed your registration time?

Registration Week (October 25-29)

  • Register for your Spring and Summer 2022 classes.
Register for Classes

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Need Assistance?

For questions about registration, you may contact any of the following offices:

Registration Appointment
Contact your Academic Advisor



Financial Aid

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First-Year Experience

Advisement Holds

You may have an advisement hold if your advisor wants to consult with you about your class selection. You can determine this by checking your holds in RAIN. If you have an advisement hold, it's critical to make an appointment to see your advisor at least 48 hours prior to the first time you are able to self-register. After students have completed advisement, the advisor will be able to release the advisement holds.

Advisement is required for the following students:

  • Students graduating in the next semester/term
  • Students with overall earned hours of 85 and above
  • Students with less than 30 overall earned hours
  • Students who are pre-nursing and nursing majors

Checking for Holds

Students can view Advisement Holds by logging into RAIN, clicking on Student Services and Financial Aid, going to Student Records, and then clicking on View Holds. Be sure to check holds that may prevent registration. Holds are placed on student records by individual departments. Contact the department listed on the hold for more information.

Spring and Summer 2022 Registration Calendar for Currently Enrolled Students

Class for
Registration Purposes

Overall Earned Hours

Date Registration 
Begins For Each Class

Advisement Required

Web Registration

Graduating Seniors


Monday, October 25





Tuesday, October 26




90 or more

Tuesday, October 26





Wednesday, October 27





Thursday, October 28





Friday, October 29



How to Register for Classes in RAIN

Students can determine their class for registration purposes by checking their registration status through their RAIN account. Once logged in, click on Student Services and Financial Aid, go to Registration, and click on Check Your Registration Status. This screen will also indicate the dates and time that registration will be available for you.


Things to Remember
  • Students requesting overrides for missing prerequisites or closed classes should contact the Dean/Chair of the school/department where the class is being taught. Using advisors to facilitate the override process could delay registration for the class.
  • Many students will have the convenience to make class changes via RAIN. If you are unable to process changes through RAIN or through your advisor, you may visit the Registrar's office during normal work hours.
  • During registration and add/drop periods, many students should be able to process changes via RAIN.
  • Textbook information for GSW courses can be found by clicking on the "Required Materials" link near the top of the RAIN schedule of classes.
  • Please take note of the part of term and programs you are registering for. We have several parts of term, such as half terms, that start at different times during the semester.