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Online Billing Statements

**Georgia Southwestern State University is transitioning to Online Billing Statements for student billing. Beginning March 2022, GSW will no longer be mailing billing statements.**

The Touchnet Portal will store billing statements to view at the student’s convenience. Emails and Text Messages (if opted in through Touchnet) will notify the student/authorized user when a statement is ready for viewing. Just like mailed statements, online billing statements are accurate as of the time they are run. Touchnet has a NEW On-Demand Statement feature that can provide a student/authorized user with an up-to-date billing statement at their convenience to view and/or print. The On-Demand Statement feature is available now.

Advantages of the paperless system are:

  • Access to your student account at any time
  • Billing Statements are stored for your viewing online
  • This system allows accurate and timely billing information
  • No mailing wait time
  • Web payments can be made online by credit/debit card (2.85% service fee applies) or pay by electronic check from a checking account online (no service fee)

For students to update Authorized Users to view billing statements, students will need to login to Touchnet, click on Authorized Users under the My Profile Setup column, click the Action wheel to Edit and then click Yes on the question about billing statements. This will allow the Authorized User to view and get notifications when billing statements are available for viewing.

Invoices for Term Charges
Invoices are provided electronically as an ‘On-Demand Statement’ in the Touchnet Portal.

To generate an On-Demand Statement:
                     1. Log into the Touchnet Portal
                     2. Click On-Demand Statement
                     3. Select the Term
                     4. Click Submit to view/print.

Authorized User Access
Students may grant other parties (such as parents or guardians) their own log-in access to the Touchnet Portal. As an Authorized User, an individual is able to make online payments, view billing statements, access On-Demand Statements, and view payment history/financial account activity.

Please make sure that you have your Pop-up Blocker turned off and JavaScript is Enabled.

  1. Student logs into Touchnet.
  2. Under the “My Profile Setup” section, click “Authorized Users”.
  3. Click on “Add Authorized User”.
  4. Type in the e-mail address of the authorized user and choose what you would like the user to view.
  5. Click Continue.
  6. Read the Agreement to Add Authorized User. If you agree, check the box and click Continue.

Your authorized user will receive two separate emails, one with his/her Username and one with a temporary password. The email will contain a link to the login location where the authorized user will enter their email address and temporary password. If an authorized user is removed, they will also receive a notice of this change.

Collection Policy

Georgia Southwestern State University’s policy is to request and accept payment in full in accordance with the Board of Regents Policy 7.3.3, the Board of Regents Business Procedures Manual chapter 10.0, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the Georgia Department of Audits and Accounts Accounting Procedures Manual.

The University recognizes that circumstances may subsequently arise creating a balance due to the University. In effort to protect the financial interests of the institution and State, GSW follows Board of Regents Business Procedures Manual chapter 10.0. GSW Student Account staff will take additional appropriate and cost effective actions to minimize the number, financial amount, and past due status of delinquent accounts.

Generally, Student Account balances that are past due 180 days will be turned over to the University’s Collection Agency.

Collection Agency:
Williams & Fudge, Inc.

Sponsored Billing

Sponsored Billing is the process whereby Georgia Southwestern State University bills an outside organization (sponsor) for a student’s tuition and/or fees, etc. Sponsored Billing is unique in that the sponsor requires a bill from the institution before remitting payment. If you are expecting a third party to pay your tuition and other fees, you need to make special arrangements with us to bill this sponsor.

Student Responsibilities

As a sponsored student, you have the following responsibilities:

  • Contact us before the semester begins to let us know you are a sponsored student. A billing authorization from your sponsor must be received at least two weeks prior to the payment deadline. If we do not have your authorization on file by the deadline, we cannot guarantee that your classes will not be dropped for non-payment.
  • Provide your sponsor with the correct GSW Student Account contact information (see below).
  • Pay any charges not covered by your sponsor by the payment deadline to avoid being dropped from your classes for non-payment.
  • Check your student account balance regularly via your RAIN account or the Touchnet portal. If your sponsored charges have not been paid, either we did not receive the billing authorization, it is incomplete, or it has not yet been processed. All billing authorizations received at least two weeks prior to the payment deadline will be processed within five business days from receipt.

Billing Authorization

We must have a billing authorization from your sponsor on file. An authorization letter or voucher on your sponsor’s letterhead, including the original signature of an official authorized to obligate payment by the company/organization.

Send at least two weeks before the fee payment deadline to the attention of:

Georgia Southwestern State University
Office of Student Accounts
Attn: Sponsored Billing
800 GSW State University Drive

Americus, GA 31709

or via email to:

GSW requires authorization from your sponsor in order to establish a billing contract to bill your sponsor directly for payment of your student account charges. This billing authorization must:

  1. Be written in English under the sponsor’s official letterhead.
  2. Contain no restrictions or contingencies (for example, if the sponsor requires grades or transcripts prior to payment, the transaction does not qualify as Sponsored Billing so the student is responsible for payment by the billing due date then must seek reimbursement from the sponsor);
  3. The authorization letter or voucher must itemize the type of fees and charges that the sponsor will be responsible for like tuition, housing, meal plan, mandatory fees, health insurance, etc.  **If the sponsor is paying for books and/or supplies on the student’s behalf, a Sponsored Billing Authorization will need to be provided directly to the GSW Bookstore (Contact the GSW Bookstore for more information:
  4. Stipulate the exact begin and end dates of the period for which the sponsor will pay the student’s charges (note: if the sponsor wishes to continue payment after the end date, the sponsor must submit a new Authorization). The voucher will only be valid for one academic term. Your sponsor must submit a voucher each academic term in order to continue the authorization process.
  5. Indicate the student’s full name and GSW ID.
  6. Indicate the name, billing address, telephone number and email address of the contact person at the company/organization that is responsible for payment.

Conditional Credit

Upon receipt of a valid billing authorization, Student Accounts will apply a conditional credit to the sponsored student’s account, then bill the sponsor after the add/drop period. Students whose sponsor has not authorized full payment of all tuition and fees are responsible for paying all un-sponsored charges by the payment deadline.

Students whose sponsor fails to pay the authorized charges within 60 days from when they are billed will have their conditional credit reversed and be billed for the unpaid charges. A financial hold will be placed on the student’s account until the balance is paid in full. Students are encouraged to remain in contact with their sponsor until the terms of the billing authorization have been met.

Examples of Sponsor Companies/Organizations

  • Prepaid College Plans
  • Workforce Investment Act (WIA)
  • Hospitals
  • Independent Living Program (ILP)
  • Veteran Affairs
Touchnet Payment Portal


Office of Student Accounts

800 GSW State University Dr.
Americus, GA 31709

229-931-2013 phone
229-931-2768 fax

Monday - Friday: 8:30am - 4:30pm


Fee Payment Deadlines

All fees for Spring 2022 Term classes that are held between (January 10- May 9) are due by January 6, 2022. An example: If you have a class that begins January 10th and a class that begins March 3rd, then both classes must be paid for by January 6th.

A $50.00 late fee will be assessed to your account if your payment is not received by that day.