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The GSW Mentor Program

The Georgia Southwestern Mentor Program offers undergraduate students the chance to be paired with upperclassmen to assist with navigating the college experience. Mentors are academically and socially successful pursuing a wide range of majors at GSW. Students may seek another GSW student as a mentor for a variety of reasons, and these mentors can advise mentees about a wide range of challenges including assistance with academics, time management, juggling school and a job, and other topics as they arise. Mentors will serve as role models to help advise younger mentees, and both individuals will gain valuable insight from each other making this a mutually beneficial pairing.

Students will be matched together based on the strengths of the mentor and the needs of the student seeking a mentor. By pairing students with those that have overcome similar situations, the GSW Mentor Program is aimed to assist undergraduates in succeeding during their studies and campus experience. 

Areas of Mentorship Need

Peer mentorship is a great opportunity for students looking to be paired with another peer to discuss and receive guidance in the following areas:

  • Engaging with campus
  • Time management
  • Studying habits
  • Finding resources on and off campus
  • Involvement in clubs and organizations
  • Peer support


GSW Mentor Program

Sally Merritt, Ph.D.


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Roles of a Participants

Mentors will serve as positive role models to help advise younger mentees, and both individuals will gain valuable insight from each other. Peer Mentors meet with their mentees weekly. Mentors will develop advanced leadership and communication skills and will also be given the opportunity to share their college experience with other students. 


Students who choose to work with a Peer Mentor will be expected to:

  • Actively communicate with their paired Peer Mentor
  • Meet with their Peer Mentor weekly or on needs basis
  • Commit to one semester of mentoring at minimum

Benefits of Becoming a Mentor

As mentees gain confidence and skills in their areas of need, mentors will enhance their leadership qualities making this a mutually beneficial pairing. Mentors gain skills in the following areas:

  • Leadership skills by providing advice and guidance
  • Becoming an available resource on campus
  • Expansion of social network through mentoring and guiding across campus
  • Academic, personal, and professional development

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Benefits of Seeking a Mentor

As mentees improve in areas of need, students will gain confidence and overall success as a student at GSW. This program serves to help students improve their experience at GSW with the following benefits:

  • More engaging college experience
  • Overcoming challenges
  • Increased networking and communications skills
  • Improving grades through healthier habits

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