Southwestern Oaks

Southwestern Oaks

All GSW freshmen are housed in either Southwestern Oaks I or Southwestern Oaks II, which offer shared and private bedroom suites and semi-private bathrooms (no community bathrooms). This peer community helps students foster and grow by creating a social hub that encourages students to rise together.

Southwestern Oaks is also home to our First-Year Experience Program, which is designed to provide freshmen with a seemless transition into the college environment.

Regular Freshman move-in day is August 13, 2021. Residents who attend Thunder Camp are allowed to begin moving into their residence hall rooms on August 6, 2021 after 12:00pm. Residents aren’t allowed to stay in their rooms until the official freshmen Move-In Day.

Floor Plans



  • Private and semi-private suites
  • Semi-private bathrooms
  • Loftable and bunkable beds
  • Fully-furnished rooms
  • Internet access



  Width Height
Door 3' 6'7"
Shower 4'10" 6'5"
Closet 5'10" 6'11"
Window 4'7" 5'2"

Shared Bedroom Suite



  • Computer labs and study lounges
  • Planned social activities
  • On-site parking for freshmen
  • Recreational and common areas
  • Laundry rooms on every floor



  Width Height
Door 3' 6'8"
Shower 4'10" 6'5"
Closet 6'8" 7'
Window 3'4" 5'2"