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Presidential Challenge Coins

Thank Those Who Make a Difference

In 2018, GSW introduced the Presidential Challenge Coin tradition. Each year freshmen students receive a silver challenge coin from GSW President Neal Weaver at their Freshman Convocation, an event signifying the beginning of their college journey. He challenges them to make the most of their experience at Georgia Southwestern and upon graduation, to give the silver coin to someone who has made a difference or impacted them during their college journey.

At GSW, we value the relationships formed on and off campus. Giving away the silver challenge coin is one of the most meaningful ways to thank someone for their encouragement and support.

Receiving a Coin
Presenting the Coin

Though traditional students receive the challenge coin during Freshman Convocation, all students are able to receive a coin in order to participate in the tradition. Non-traditional, online, and graduate students are all welcome to pick up a coin in order to present to someone special.

Students can pick up their coin by visiting the Office of the President located on the second floor of the Charles Wheatley Administration Building. 

Students are encouraged to present their coin to someone that has impacted their GSW journey. This person can be a professor, staff mentor, community member, family or friend. Once students choose the recipient, we encourage them to take a photo with the recipient and share images and/or videos with

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