Dynamic Forms

Dynamic Forms is an online form management system powered by NextGen that allows the online submission of information cutting out the need for paper submissions. Some forms will become available for students, faculty, and staff to complete and sign electronically. Whether its converting a paper-based form into a paperless form to avoid handling paper, creating a multi-participant form that allows participants to give their approval from anywhere in the world, or simply building a form that is accessible online so that participants don’t need to go to a physical location to pick up/submit a paper-based form, Dynamic Forms is intended to benefit all users. 

Benefits of Using Dynamic Forms
  • Available 24 x 7 – Dynamic Forms are accessible online at any time 
  • Transparency – Submitters can log in to view the status of a their submitted document 
  • Electronic Signatures – Multiple participants can sign forms electronically 
  • Secure Workflow - Tracking a document through the business process is more transparent
  • CanesNet Sign-On – Participants do not have to remember a separate username and password
  • Autofill - Forms can automatically prefill certain data fields such as name, student ID, and email speeding up the completion process


Accessing and Submitting Forms

Students must have a Radar student email address to access Dynamic Forms that collect secure information. First, make sure you have setup your Radar Student email account including to verify multi-factor authentication. For new students, it may take up to 24 hours after the creation of your Radar email account for you to be able to access Dynamic Forms.

If you click on a link to a form that takes you to a sign-on page, it should look like the image below. Use your CanesNet credentials to sign in. 

Once you have completed Multi-factor Authentication and logged into Dynamic Forms, your device will remember this authentication. Keep in mind using a new device will prompt you to sign in and MFA again.

Access Dynamic Forms


Department of University Relations

Hailey Henderson, Forms Management

Office of IIT, MFA and Email Assistance

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Email Notifications

If you receive an email from or notify@ngwebsolutions, this is a Dynamic Forms response and it not spam. Emails should have a short message confirming submission or notifying you that your signature is being requested. 

Form Submissions

Once a form has been completed or signed, users can log into their account using Canes Net credentials and view and/or print forms they have submitted or signed. Users will also be able to access any forms which need completion in their Pending area or view if a form submitted is still pending or has been processed.

Pending /Draft Forms: After logging into the Dynamic Forms Dashboard, click on “Pending / Draft Forms” button. Pending forms are incomplete or require a student action. Draft documents have been saved but not submitted. 

Forms History: After logging into the Dynamic Forms Dashboard, click on the “Forms History” link. A new page will appear listing all completed documents for that account, sorted by date with the most recently completed at the top. Students will be able to also view the completed form by clicking on the link provided.

Click My Forms at the top right of the page, and a submenu will appear. Choose Forms History to see your signed / submitted forms. 


You should see all submitted and signed forms. Choose which item you'd like to view, and click the PDF symbol beside it. 


Once submission opens, you will find a download and print option at the top right of the page.



Rejected Forms/ Returned for Revision:  If the Office of Student Financial Assistance determines a submitted dynamic form is unacceptable or incomplete, it will be returned for revision. A revision email will be sent to the appropriate dynamic form participant. The student or parent participant must take action on a rejected form, based on the information provided in the revision email. The form must be electronically signed again by all form participants. Dynamic Forms and/or supporting documents cannot be submitted using the Document and File Uploader, mail, fax or in-person. Email attachments are not accepted nor opened.


To help protect user information, the Dynamic Forms system will time out after a period of inactivity. Users will notice a timer count in the upper right-hand corner of most Dynamic Forms. It shows the remaining time to complete a form. Users should save their progress if the remaining time is about to expire. Any unsaved information entered at timer’s expiration will be lost.

If your login to dynamic forms has timed out you will end up on the general Dynamic Forms login page, NOT the GSW Dynamic Forms login page, and your GSW log-in credentials will not work. If you attempt to login to this general website it will give you the Invalid ID or Password message below. Please make sure to access Dynamic Forms through the webpage or your apps located in Office.

Sharing Form Links

Sharing links can be tricky since each time a form launches, users will receive their own unique link. Please do not copy and paste links from the address bar once a form has been launched. Dynamic Forms creates a sharable link for each form from the administrator area that is meant for sharing. Links will be placed on the website accordingly. If you need assistance with sharing links, please reach out for assistance.