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Dynamic Forms

Dynamic Forms is an online form management system powered by NextGen that allows the online submission of information cutting out the need for paper submissions. Some forms will become available for students, faculty, and staff to complete and sign electronically. Whether it's converting a paper-based form into a paperless form to avoid handling paper, creating a multi-participant form that allows participants to give their approval from anywhere in the world, or simply building a form that is accessible online so that participants don’t need to go to a physical location to pick up/submit a paper-based form, Dynamic Forms is intended to benefit all users. 

Accessing Published Forms

Student Forms

Faculty Forms

As established forms are migrated to Dynamic Forms, please find published forms on the normal forms pages designated.

Requesting New Forms

As current items are created in Dynamic Forms, please be mindful that priority will be given to high traffic areas with multi-signature forms with a goal of improving current processes. Requests can be made by emailing with complete details of the item needed. 
DF Administrator Access


Department of University Relations

Hailey Henderson, Dynamic Forms Management

Office of IIT, MFA and Email Assistance

Benefits of Using Dynamic Forms

Digital forms created using Dynamic Forms are intended to benefit all users across the Georgia Southwestern campus by:

  • Available 24 x 7 – Dynamic Forms are accessible online at any time 
  • Transparency – Submitters can log in to view the status of a their submitted document 
  • Electronic Signatures – Multiple participants can sign forms electronically 
  • CanesNet Sign-On – Participants do not have to remember a separate username and password
  • Secure Workflow - Tracking a document through the business process is more transparent
  • Autofill - Forms can automatically prefill certain data fields such as name, student ID, and email speeding up the completion process


Where do I access new forms?

Users can find forms housed on their normal page. A new link will be placed as forms are migrated and new forms are created. There is no need to login to find a form – this is for administrators to process items.

Why am I being asked to log in?

You may find that some forms may require a login. This is a security measure to ensure the proper person is signing and/or accessing the provided form information. Please use your CanesNet credentials to sign in as needed. If presented with MFA, please verify that it matches your normal MFA process, and log in. This will only occur when using new devices or if you have cleared your browser history, cookies, etc.

I submitted/signed a form. Where is it?

To find the status a form that you have submitted, you must to log in to Dynamic Forms accessible in myGSW. At the top right, you will find “My Forms”. Completed forms will be under “Forms History.” Multi-signature forms waiting for additional signatures and drafts that have not been submitted are located under “Pending/Draft Forms.” Based on the type of form you’ve submitted, it will route to the next participant until all participants have signed accordingly.

I received an email to sign a portion of a form. How do I know if this is legit?

Form notifications should come from the address Occasionally, a form will have a recipient of This is also a legit request. As usual, use caution when receiving anything via email.

Please do not reply to these emails. 

What is the difference between user and participant?

A participant is someone that is completing a portion of the form. This may include content or a signature. 

An administrator is someone that processes a form.