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Merit Pages

Georgia Southwestern State University strives to recognize its students for their excellence and achievement. In order to best acknowledge student accomplishments, GSW uses Merit Pages to announce and recognize students for their achievements. With Merit, GSW can construct a verified and public profile of a student’s educational and professional accomplishment called a Merit Page.

How Merit Works

Departments, organizations, and other campus entities can provide the Office of University Relations with a brief description of what they would like to recognize students for and a list of the students they would like to recognize.

University Relations will then create personalized stories about these student accomplishments and award a badge, which will be published on each student’s Merit profile. Stories may also be sent to each student’s hometown newspaper for publication. The Athletics Department also creates achievements based on student-athlete accomplishment.

When students receive badges for achievement, they are notified through their GSW email accounts. Emails will come from, which is a legitimate Georgia Southwestern email address.

Sample Page


Claiming Your Page

Students wishing to claim their Merit Page can complete the following:

  • Visit the Georgia Southwestern State University Merit homepage at
  • Enter your name in the search function
  • Follow the verification directions

Benefits of Merit

What GSW adds to each student’s Merit Page is verified by the university. Essentially, GSW is building a resume centered on each student’s college career. This is useful for potential employers, internships, and others to view since the accuracy of the achievements listed on each student’s Merit Page is confirmed by the university.

Merit achievements are also linked within each email notification.

*Though scholarship "achievements" are sent using Merit, they do NOT constitute official GSW scholarship notices.


Department of University Relations

Wheatley Administration Building


Social Info


Receive Badges for Academic Achievements

Students can choose to share their accomplishments with family and friends on their social media accounts.