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Study Abroad

Georgia Southwestern offers students the opportunity to experience diversity and culture not only within the walls of the classroom but additionally through studying abroad. Unlock a new perspective by engaging with another country’s lifestyle, local cuisine, and language while simultaneously developing global awareness and problem-solving skills. Participants of study abroad not only gain marketable skills for their lives and careers, but gain valuable memories and engagement that only real-deal explorations can provide. The complete submergence into another country allows you to witness the terrains, natural wonders, museums and landmarks of your host country, not to mention the potential to learn a new language, enjoy local cuisine, and create meaningful relationships with people across the globe. 

The benefits of traveling to other areas range from earning credits toward your degree to enhancing life experiences. Whether you pursue graduate school or a career after your time at GSW, the skills and knowledge gained through studying abroad defines you as curious and committed and will better prepare you for your tomorrow with a well-rounded education. 


Indulge into Another Culture

"Traveling to Nepal really gave me a different view of the world and it was very interesting to get to experience new cultures. I learned so much from the short time I was there, and wish I could've stayed longer. So, if you ever get the chance to travel to a new country, I'd say go for it! It's definitely worth it."- Tamiah Warner, Nepal 2020

Why Abroad?

GSW’s study abroad programs are an integral part of any undergraduate education. Students can earn academic credit, scholarships, and financial aid and benefit from the involvement of our faculty while abroad. For more information, including an up-to-date list of current study abroad destinations, please complete the Student Interest Form.

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From scholarships to in depth information about studying abroad Generation Study Abroad provides additional resources for your future trip to increase opportunities and participation across the nation.



Can I study abroad if I don't speak a foreign language?

Yes! You can study in a country where English is the local language, of course. Alternatively, even in countries where another language is spoken, study abroad programs taught mainly in English usually are available - the Center for Global and Intercultural Study (CGIS) offers many of these programs.

Can I receive financial aid and/or scholarships to study abroad?

For GSW programs, you can use your financial aid and the Office of Student Financial Aid will process your package. For non-GSW programs, the Office of Student Financial Aid, will usually not process financial aid. As for scholarships, these are most often made available for specific study abroad programs, although there are a few national scholarships which can be used for any study abroad program.

Will studying abroad count towards or course in my major?

Whether you're a freshman or a junior, majoring in art or business, the Office of Experiential Learning can help you find a program that fits your curriculum and/or interests. Several departments offer programs for majors. Thus, study abroad can help you make progress towards your degree and tailor your degree to your particular interests.

My study abroad trip to Bulgaria was the most amazing spring break of my life. We stayed in Dr. Iordnova’s hometown where we had a barbeque of local food while her friends played instruments, and I've never felt more at home, even though we were 5,000 miles away. Going to Bulgaria was hands down the best experience I've ever had while at GSW.

Morgan Stanfill History Major

Study abroad forced me outside my comfort zone. It gave me a pool of incredible friends and established connections that will stick for a lifetime. This trip taught me the value of opportunity. We take so much for granted in the States, especially education. I would encourage anyone to study abroad!

William Griggs Nepal 2020