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Adult Learners at Georgia Southwestern

Georgia Southwestern is one of 13 University System of Georgia campuses forming the Adult Learning Consortium. This Consortium is designed to assist in improving adult learner-focused services, programs and outreach to Georgia adults who are interested in completing college.

Whether you have some college credit, have no college credit or simply have valuable work experience, contact us today about going back to school and moving ahead with your career.


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Prior Learning Assessment

Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) is a process through which students identify areas of learning from their past experiences, demonstrate that learning through appropriate documentation, and submit their materials related to specific course objectives so that they can be assessed and possibly awarded academic credit. PLA will reduce the repetition of relevant, course-related material for students with prior learning (or with prior degrees).


Prior Learning Assessment Program

Charles M. Huffman, Ph.D.
Director, Prior Learning Assessment


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