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Bachelor of Science


A degree in chemistry offers an explosion of career opportunities from preparing for a variety of health professions to discovering a solution for one of today’s biggest challenges. Students are provided experiences that engage critical thinking skills and decision-making techniques applicable to nearly any career path chosen. GSW’s small class sizes offer individualized attention maximizing learning opportunities and allowing for questions and exploration from the base foundation to advanced concepts and research.

Graduates with a BS in Chemistry can find career opportunities in the fields of:

  • Envionmental Science
  • Clinical Laboratory Chemist
  • Science Journalism & Reporting
  • Patent Law
  • Forensic Laboratory
  • Weather & Meteorology
  • Industrial Chemistry
  • Graduate Studies or Entering a Professional School
  • Space & Aeronautics
  • Chemical or Biochemical Engineering
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Developmental Chemistry
  • Food Science
  • Work with Government Agencies (CDC, FDA, NASA, etc.)
  • Secondary Education


Program Curriculum          Minor Curriculum

Program Details

Students completing a degree in Chemistry are expected to leave with foundational knowledge in special computer programs and online research strategies in the preparation of laboratory reports. An upper-division course project with minimal direction will be expected. Students will have the skills to perform both written and oral presentations and take discipline specific American Chemical Society examinations.

In addition, students graduating with a degree in chemistry have well-developed communication skills, teamwork abilities, and problem solving capabilities with good critical thinking skills. Graduates will be prepared for a variety of jobs within the field of chemistry along with other various careers and graduate studies that will require these types of skills.

  • Students will demonstrate conceptual understanding of inorganic, organic, analytical, biological, and physical chemistry.
  • Students will demonstrate critical thinking and problem-solving with experimentation and written and verbal communication.
  • Students will be able to explain real world problems and advances in chemistry and related sciences.

Research Opportunities

Students are encouraged to conduct research with the guidance of a faculty member providing for one-on-one mentorship and assistance. Students are given the opportunity to showcase research projects at the annual Undergraduate Symposium through academic research posters, oral presentations, or other project mediums. These students are often accepted into reputable medical and pharmacy schools and graduate programs across the nation.


Undergraduate Major

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry

Science Building


Faculty & Staff

It would be hard to choose one class as my favorite. Because of my interest in chemistry and the great professors, I have enjoyed all of my major classes and the challenges they come with.

Banks Davis Chemistry
Cordele, Georgia