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Bachelor of Science


A degree in chemistry offers an explosion of career opportunities from preparing for a variety of health professions to discovering a solution for one of today’s biggest challenges. Students are provided experiences that engage critical thinking skills and decision-making techniques applicable to nearly any career path chosen. GSW’s small class sizes offer individualized attention maximizing learning opportunities and allowing for questions and exploration from the base foundation to advanced concepts and research.

Graduates with a BS in Chemistry can find career opportunities in the fields of:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Forensic Science
  • Environmental Science
  • Clinical Laboratory Chemist
  • Science Journalism & Reporting
  • Industrial Chemistry
  • Graduate Studies or Entering a Professional School (Medical, Pharmacy, Veterinary School)
  • Space & Aeronautics
  • Weather & Meteorology
  • Chemical or Biochemical Engineering
  • Patent Law
  • Food Science
  • Work with Government Agencies (CDC, FDA, NASA, etc.)
  • Secondary Education


Program Details

Chemists love solutions. Not just the mysterious solution boiling away in that Erlenmeyer flask but solutions to real world problems. Today’s chemists are busy fighting diseases, looking for ways to maintain our water supply, finding methods to safely recycle plastics, advancing the field of electronics, alleviating the world food crisis, solving crimes, and rescuing wildlife from ecological disasters throughout the world. Chemists work with biologists, medical doctors, geologists, government agencies, and the aerospace industry to tackle these challenges. Chemistry graduates work in breweries, food companies, agricultural companies, art industries, and pharmaceutical companies making products safer and better.

GSW's new curriculum offerings in chemistry recognizes the interdisciplinary nature of the science and asks students to find their own way to contribute to solving the problems of today’s world. There are a lot of solutions in chemistry; come and find your own solution at Georgia Southwestern.

  • Students will demonstrate conceptual understanding of inorganic, organic, analytical, biological, and physical chemistry.
  • Students will demonstrate critical thinking and problem-solving with experimentation and written and verbal communication.
  • Students will be able to explain real world problems and advances in chemistry and related sciences.

Research Opportunities

Students are encouraged to conduct research with the guidance of a faculty member providing for one-on-one mentorship and assistance. Students are given the opportunity to showcase research projects at the annual Undergraduate Symposium through academic research posters, oral presentations, or other project mediums. These students are often accepted into reputable medical and pharmacy schools and graduate programs across the nation.

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Bachelor of Science in Chemistry

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Faculty & Staff

New Concentrations Starting Fall 2023

Students will have the ability to cater their chemistry degree with three concentrations to choose from — Biochemistry, Forensics, or Professional tracks. This personalization gives students additional skills that will broaden their interdisciplinary knowledge and interests while allowing for a variety of career opportunities more than ever. 

The biochemistry concentration provides an excellent background for students interested in medical school or biomedical research while maintaining a strong foundation in chemistry. 

The forensics concentration will prepare students to understand the basics of criminal justice and evidence while providing a thorough and hands-on experience with analytical chemistry required for forensic work. 

The professional concentration will prepare students to enter the field of chemistry into various positions or graduate school. For students seeking to enter specialty programs such as Pharmacy School, Medical School, and Veterinary Sciences, please see Pre-Professional Pathways offered at GSW.

Concentration Options

Biochemistry Concentration (Starting Fall 2023)

Course Course Title
CHEM 4410  Biochemistry: Proteins, Lipids, and Carbohydrates
CHEM 4410L Biochemistry Lab
CHEM 4420 Biochemistry: Nucleic Acids
CHEM 4401  Physical Chemistry I
CHEM 4401L Physical Chemistry I Lab
CHEM 4430 Introduction to Bioinformatics
BIOL 4200 Genetics
BIOL 3100 Cell and Molecular Biology
Choose 15 Hours from 3000+ Level Chemistry Courses

Forensic Chemistry Concentration (Starting Fall 2023)

Course Course Title
CHEM 3250   Quantitative Analysis
CHEM 3250L Quantitative Analysis Lab
CHEM 4100K Forensic Chemistry
CRJU 3110 Criminal Procedures
CRJU 4700 Ethical Issues in Criminal Justice
CRJU 3500 Criminal Investigations
CRJU 3501 Criminal Investigations II
CRJU 4110 Law of Criminal Evidence
Choose 12 Hours from 3000+ Level Chemistry Courses

Professional Chemistry Concentration

Course Course Title
CHEM 3250   Quantitative Analysis
CHEM 3250L Quantitative Analysis Lab
CHEM 4401  Physical Chemistry I
CHEM 4401L Physical Chemistry I Lab
CHEM 4402 Physical Chemistry II
CHEM 4402L Physical Chemistry II Lab
CHEM 4410 Biochemistry: Proteins, Lipids, and Carbohydrates
Choose 20 Hours from 3000+ Level Chemistry Courses

It would be hard to choose one class as my favorite. Because of my interest in chemistry and the great professors, I have enjoyed all of my major classes and the challenges they come with.

Banks Davis, '22 Chemistry
Cordele, Georgia